How effective are, Monster, TimesJobs etc?

Discussion in 'Education Career and Job Discussions' started by hotshot05, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. hotshot05

    hotshot05 Well-Known Member

    My final semester exams finished last week.
    I was thinking about putting up my resume on these job portals. But since my result will come by the end of July, my resume will be incomplete.

    So should I post my profile now? Or should I wait till my result comes?

    Are these job portals at all useful for freshers? Or are they beneficial only for people with experience?
  2. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan If you cant see the green dot, I'm offline :P

    Extremely effective for spamming your inbox. That's for sure.

    However, go ahead and post your profile. As they say, More is Better.
  3. demonic

    demonic Active Member

    They will certainly get you a few calls!
    worth trying
  4. mathrisk

    mathrisk .: deleted :.

    No idea about freshers, but ~90%+ experienced people switch through them. (in IT sector, no idea about rest)

    Also, you might consider sharing your resume here - as there are many folks from various companies from various domains which might 'refer' you their companies.

    btw, has anyone have any luck with LinkedIn jobs?
  5. Doremon

    Doremon Active Member

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  6. imkaush

    imkaush Well-Known Member

    Do register on these 3 sites...and set a job alert/regularly check the sites for posts in relevant field...

    At least you will get to know about the ongoing walk-ins for freshers and plan to start attending if you are eligible...
  7. mathrisk

    mathrisk .: deleted :.

    the site 'freshersworld' used to send the details of Walk-ins for most major cities.
    Subscribe to their mails (btw, I dunno how is it now. last I have seen 3/4 years back)
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  8. letmein

    letmein Well-Known Member

    Naukri is great. I would get 2-3 calls a week when I was looking to switch.
    Shine and Monster only have spam.
  9. imkaush

    imkaush Well-Known Member


    chetana's forum ( was also popular during my job finding days around 2009-10..
  10. bhaskarvyas001

    bhaskarvyas001 Well-Known Member

    Got two international calls...
    The profile was found via linkedIn...
    So, I think recruiters outside india do scan LinkedIn for prospective candidates... :)
  11. aBs0lut3z33r0

    aBs0lut3z33r0 Member

    for freshers blog and forum like chetnasforum are good . do not waste time on job sites if you are a fresher . There are many other blogs which post job openings for freshers
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  12. adi_vastava

    adi_vastava Code Game Code F**K

    Its actually a fantastic platform for experience guys. I got hired due to linkedin 4 years back and again now.
  13. ashu

    ashu Active Member

    I have registered on Naukari, shine, Monster. But do not get any calls. I have 2 year exeperience as a SAP SD Consultant.
  14. malhotraraul

    malhotraraul Well-Known Member

    Is it 100% complete, do you get notifications about jobs in your email & notifications about who viewed your profiles ????
  15. ashu

    ashu Active Member

    yes, I get notification about jobs in mail, but never received any direct phone calls.
  16. Tinbed

    Tinbed Member

    As a fresher, yes, Naukri might not be the best place, but what the hell, its free, go ahead a register yourself. You ought to be looking for those campus recruitment or the newspaper where they post opening for freshers
  17. sharktale1212

    sharktale1212 Well-Known Member

    Personally I use , it is a job aggregator from various sources like Naurki, Monster, Linkedin, Shine, Headhonchos etc. Its easier to search for jobs that way instead of visiting all sites personally. Plus put up a job alert so it'll mail you the new jobs each day.
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  18. Doremon

    Doremon Active Member

    Unfortunately, my nephew is searching Commercial Pilot job since last 3 years. :wtf: He acquired CPL training from Canada & Indonesia.
    Anyone here pl help him.

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