How to watch/download these entire 60+ episodes youtube content.


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Sep 19, 2005
youtube-dl is your best bet for such huge playlists. It can also be set to download only videos with 480p/720p only or whatever resolution is best. Best resolution is set as default so if the uploader, uploaded 1080p or higher resolution video, it will download that.

You can also make it write to a text file so that next time the playlist is updated, you wont be downloading the entire 60+ files instead of just the 1-2 new files.

To download in folder of your choice, just go inside that folder and right click and "open terminal here". Then paste the example code with the youtube link in the terminal and hit enter.


To download in 480p only:

youtube-dl -f 'bestvideo[height<=480]+bestaudio/best[height<=480]'

For 720p:

youtube-dl -f 'bestvideo[height<=720]+bestaudio/best[height<=720]'

For playlist with text file containing youtube id's of what videos were downloaded:

youtube-dl -f 'bestvideo[height<=720]+bestaudio/best[height<=720]' --download-archive archive.txt
Just make sure you have ffmpeg installed too in your system. Without ffmpeg installed, yt-dl cant merge the audio and video files from youtube.

More extra options on youtube-dl page:
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