User Guides [HP Recovery Manager Trick] Creating more than one set of recovery disc and in ISO fo

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    [HP Recovery Manager Trick] Creating more than one set of recovery disc and in ISO

    For some users the recovery media creation using real disc fails (error in disc/power failure) and HP doesn't allows to create another set so this method is for them. With this method one can simply backup their recovery in ISO (which is much faster), burn to disc when they actually want to recover and create once again if they somehow loose the previous backup.

    If you've failed once and HP now shows you this -

    screenshot.03-09-2012 09.01.17.jpg

    * Goto My Computer
    * Click Organize -> Folder Options -> View -> Check "Show Hidden Files" and Uncheck "Hide Extension for Known Files" and "Hide Protected Operating System Files" -> OK
    * Search for RMCStatus.bin
    You'll see two files, delete them.

    screenshot.03-09-2012 08.51.52.jpg

    * Now search for Rebecca.dat

    screenshot.03-09-2012 09.05.20.jpg

    Open Recovery Manager again and you'll be allowed creation!

    * Download & install Phatom Drive
    Phantom Drive
    * Open Phantom starter -> Settings
    * Uncheck "Reinsert image if ejected" -> OK

    screenshot.03-09-2012 08.53.18.png

    * Use Phantom Creator to create a new DVD-R DL virtual disk and save it somewhere

    screenshot.03-09-2012 08.53.38.jpg

    * Open recovery manager and you'll see the option to select the Disk option!
    * After it completes burning to one disc, create another virtual disc using Phantom Creator -> Rename -> Repeat process.


    screenshot.03-09-2012 08.55.44.jpg
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    That is good for HP user...wonder if there is method of doing the same in Dell inspiron Laptop.
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    I've got an HP Envy 20 (Windows 8) and could not find any of the files mentioned. So it would appear this method will not work for me. Any idea how I could go about resetting the counter?

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