I want to get into gaming industry

krishna hm

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Jun 3, 2015
I am studying 3rd year diploma in computer science in Bangalore, I few doubts can anyone help me,
1.I want to get into gaming industry, I want to become game programmer, So can I get jobs as game programmer by doing b.tech/b.e in computer science or should I do any course relating to game programming.
2.If I need to do game programming course Which college and course is better to become game programmer.
3. or without doing b.tech/be in computer science, by doing some game programming course can I become good programmer.
4.I love programming very much, what is scope of game programmer compared to software developer which is best.
5.For game programmer how much salary can be expected.
6.In hyderabad there is a college name backstagepass where they offer b.tech in computer science & game development, do you suggest me to go for those courses.
7.which field do you suggest gaming industry or software industry.

these are my doubts, anyone please please help me :D :(
with thanks


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May 10, 2009
Game programming is better learnt from abroad. My brother just finished his course at DSK Supainfocom and even though his experience there was good the exposure and internship/job opportunities are better abroad. He is currently doing his six months internship at Disney India and getting paid 35k a month. But that is nowhere good enough if he had a big loan overhead considering the 2 year course cost us around 16.5L. He will be looking for jobs abroad as soon as his internship is over.

krishna hm

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Jun 3, 2015
ohhh ok thanks bro, I have thought of going to b.tech in computer science, after completion of that course I will do diploma course in game programming which will be helpful I think what would you suggest for this :)
thanks bro :D

Santa Maria!

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Oct 27, 2011
I was going to say that you should go with the CS degree route, but you're already in 3rd year of a diploma CS course? Not sure how different it is from BTech CS.

I was going to say that you would learn a lot more with a CS degree course (if you do it from a good institution) and will also have a good backup if the game programming thing doesn't play out well.
You could do game programming as a hobby during your CS course and see if your interest is still there after 4 years.

But not sure what your situation is with the CS thing... 3 yr diploma --> 4 yr degree --> course on game dev ? o_O