Budget 21-30k Is this config alright + suggestions for display & cabinet

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    Hello folks

    I am on a very tight budget of 30K for a office PC ( MS office and 10-15 tabs will be open at once) and wanted to know if I am alright with these specs. I also want to keep it as an entry level gaming rig for the future but that will in the future so not buying a graphics card now. All prices are from Cost to Cost PDF. I am not much of a techie and if I have a mistake somewhere, please feel free to correct me.

    thanks & regards

    CPU - AMD RYZEN 5 1400 - Rs. 6990

    Motherboard - MSI B450 M PRO VDH – Rs. 5600

    RAM - G SKILL. 8GB D.4 VENG. (3000) - Rs. 4000

    SMPS - ANTEC VP 500 SMPS – Rs. 2457

    Cabinet – Rs. 2800 or less

    Display ( Full HD with HDMI) – Rs. 5000

    UPS – Microtek 650 VA – Rs. 1653

    Mouse – Rs. 250

    SSD – 5000/ HDD – 3000 ( Should I go for SSD or HDD keeping in mind the budget)

    P.S. I already have a wireless keyboard so won't be needing one.
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  3. OP

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    Thanks for your input but I intend to buy a graphics card in the near future so need this processor.
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    Problem is the Motherboad does not have any graphics. Either you need to buy a graphics card with the above processor or Buy the 2200G/2400G which have Graphics on the CPU. The HDMI Out you see on the MB will only will give graphics with the 2200G/2400G processors.
  5. OP

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    Ok, understood. Thank you. I guess that means I will go for the 2200G.

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