PC Peripherals Keyboard and Mouse Recommendation


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May 16, 2007
I am in the process of miniaturization/ reducing the clutter and would be moving away from wired setups. Have the Logitech basic wired combo, Logitech K400 wireless combo and Logitech G500s (which I never used since I don't like the braided cable - too unmanageable).

Requirements: (first three are kinda required, the later ones can be compromised)
1) Wireless
2) Ten Key Less/ Compact
3) Backlit
4) Less Noisy (silent??)
5) Ergonomics
6) Bluetooth connectivity
7) Mechanical will work too

1) Ergonomics
2) Excellent Tracking (don't need no judder/ shaky/ skippy cursor)
3) Battery life
4) Bluetooth

Primary Usage:
I won't be gaming at all. Need them both for my work/ software development.

Tried so Far:
So far I've tried Logitech K830 wireless combo but I don' think that I can use it as my primary keyboard (otherwise its ticks all the options). Have tried the Logitech Performance MX and MX Master Mice. Both of them are god enough but the the tracking is really not worth the money. And now the MX Master S2 has been released too.

Can shell out $120-150 for both and would mostly be purchasing from amazon.com or newegg.com. However, lesser the better.

Current Inclination:
I absolutely liked the form factor of Corsair K65 but its wired (could have let that gone) and isn't backlit. For the mouse, if nothing works, I will try to get the MX Master/ Peformance MX. Just don't want to stretch my budge too much.
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