Looking for a Home Theater set up under 60k


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Dec 24, 2006
My cousin's old Pioneer (VSX 321 and RS32 speakers) set has unfortunately conked. Looking for a home theater set up for under 60k. Ideally, he'd like to go for a 5.1 set up but would be alright with a 2.1 as well.

We've auditioned a few models:

  • First up was the Polk Audio TL 1600 home theater paired with the Denox X 540BT. Sounded great. Cost was around 72k though.
  • Next up was the Taga Harmony 606 V3 paired with the Taga subwoofer. Had high hopes for this. Surprisingly, found it quite harsh especially during action scenes (Deadpool). That was also paired with the Denon. Cost was around 60k.
  • Auditioned the Jamo S426 paired with a Jamo sub. Sounded the best but was way out of the budget at close to 80k with the receiver.
  • Lastly, auditioned the JBL Cinema 610. Sounded great as well. Tempted to pick this up on the spot but thought we'd audition a few more before finalizing by the end of this week.

Another vendor told us we'd be better off buying a pair of Polk S50 floor standers. He said we'd not even miss the sub for regular usage.

Any other suggestions guys? Will the Yamaha 3067 receiver be sufficient? It's around 7-8k cheaper than the Denon.

What other speakers (under 30k) should we audition. Don't mind if it's a 5.1 or a 2.1 package.