Looking for a home UPS that is smart

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    so which model makes most sense for home usage?I also went through their range but it was confusing.
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    This is from the Flinfuzion manual -
    However, when selecting output source priority it seems to contradict this statement. I am not entirely sure.
    What is your source that says that actual load sharing doesn't occur. I think this needs some clarification from the manufacturers.

    Edit - I have asked them to explain this in detail on the Amazon product page.
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    I have the model and manual in my hand and yes it does state that,(my unit is not yet connected its WIP) and I won't be installing solar for another 2 quarters.
    I have read post in some forum which had detailed discussion about this and I remember positively that the unit simply will turn On the Grid input relay, if the load consumption is higher then what solar/battery can give.

    Compared to their other range the Fuzion version works without battery and accepts solar voltage range compatible with Desi and other MNRE aprroved grid tie/feed inverters.
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    If you plan to install solar, I would go with flin fuzion range which has MPPT charge controller read my previous post in this thread. If you are sure you will never use solar and just want to use it like a ups/inverter,then you can go for their PWM models, it also has support for solar panels but is not efficient for solar.

    Their On grid or Grid feed in inverters are NOT MNRE approved, so they cannot be used for exporting power to the grid.
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    It will be interesting to see their response. I think you will be proven right because their Infini Smart Hybrid 5kVA model is for 99k and I am guessing higher price is for that reason apart from on-grid facility. In the Infini series description, it clearly states that it will only only seek additional input from the grid when load is higher.
    How much did you buy your Flin Fuzion for and from where? Are prices on Amazon cheaper as they are selling directly or are there other options. I saw a few reviews where the guy says that he had to send his back for repair after 10 months and they don't have any service centres. He was from Kolkata and it took them 24 days to receive, repair and return the inverter. That's too long if one is dependent on solar for most of their usage.
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    Bought it from amazon with cash back, the prices have dropped now, so not much difference between cash back and current price.
    As far as service majority of the brands here except luminous and sukam just rebadge chinese or taiwan inverters.So the lead time for repair will be the same for any other brands other then pure indian made(not indian assembled) desi companies.

    If the warranty period is over and then if the pcb board does go kaput, the main OEM in taiwan or their subsidy company in china can air ship it via DHL or similar. You will off course be hit with customs. Many just find a good soldering guy and replace the kaput components like a IGBT, mosfits, capacitors(pretty cheap, wont cost more then 500 to 1000). Only if a transformer or a transformer type inductor goes bad will the need to replace the entire board.
    Most common reasons for components to go kaput poor maintenance like not cleaning leading to increased temperature, shorting the battery or other wires be it Ac or DC, utility surge/high voltage/lightning, keeping the battery voltage to near its max setting in the menu which is very close to the max tolerance of the capacitors used.

    Of course the vast majority of these inverters have been running fine in western countries for several years 24/7, so much so that they don't have any other grid options other then a generator. In India the conditions are different poor grid voltage and (lots of dust and higher temperature, I doubt it applies to your natural air conditioned climate).
    In the self made Ac combiner box that I made, I have put a voltage cut off device for added protection, will also put some SPD(surge protection device).
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