Laptops Macbook Pro 2009 has no display/backlight (need help!)


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Nov 15, 2007
I have a Macbook Pro bought in mid-2009 from Croma In Mumbai, it was working absolutely fine for the last 3 1/2 years up until 3 days ago when the display just stopped working, there was no back-light. I was using a dvi adapter to output to a 22 inch samsung monitor for a few hours but after that the display went black and never came back.

Upon further researching about this particular model online there have been a huge number of similar cases with this model regarding the faulty Nvidia chips badly soldered onto the motherboard which come loose since they are facing downwards and the extreme heat can cause the solder joints to come loose causing the complete display blackout.

A few hours later when I powered the laptop down to cool,and powered it back on it the display came back to life and the laptop was running smooth like before but when I put it to sleep it went out again, this continued up until yesterday, since then it hasn't come back on. :(

I took it to a couple of service centers like unicorn solutions and one at lamington road too but they were quoting high estimates to replace the faulty logic board / motherboard costing between 30-40k:arghh:

I'm not sure where to take it from here since I'm getting such wild estimates from these authorized service centers.
even though there is a 1 year warranty on the new logic board I think it too high of a cost for a nearly 4 yr old laptop.

IF anyone know a trustworthy and reputable service center who do chip level repair or can diagnose it better please share some information since its extremely hard to find a reasonable and trustworthy service center for a Apple product way out of its warranty.



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Oct 22, 2005
if its a known issue call Apple customer support OTP, they should get this sorted for you for free !!
try Apple USA they are the best reps to deal with for quick reasonable solutions