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    You will have to goto Vasai only OR send it there. I too heard of a Lamington Road presence, but sadly, the person who told me about it, was mistaken.

    @phunguus Can help you better.
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    If anyone in Delhi is planning to buy a Samsung memory card and want a quick after-sales hassle free buy the ones which are Made in Korea.
    Samsung Service center for memory cards (Made in Korea) is BALAJI SOLUTIONS, 307, 2nd Floor, Siddharth Building, Nehru Place.
    and the ones which are made in Taiwan has the service center somewhere in Okhla! Not sure why they don't do both.
    I misplaced the note with the addresses which I took yesterday.
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    The Samsung service center for RMA of "Made in Taiwan" Okhla address is A224, Okhla Phase 1.
    And BenQ service center in Delhi is:
    Near Police Station

    NOTE: there are two C83! Two different places but same number! How is it possible you ask? I have no clue. I myself nearly got lost today and went to the wrong address which also happened to be farther! Worse, there were also two friggin police stations! (or so I was told). :mad: One "new" police station and the other "old" police station. Sigh.
    Anyway the correct address is located a few hundred meters behind HOTEL CROWN PLAZA by the main road. You can just get down by the hotel and go look for it.
    Spent 3hrs for these two (unsuccessful) tasks today.
    On a side not I burned ~689 calories :p
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    LG FreeSync Monitors Dealer in Secunderabad / Hyderabad

    Store Name: Bajaj Electronics

    Address: 1-7-178,MG Road,Paradise Circle, Secunderabad, Telangana

    Contact Person: Simran Pajhi

    Store Timing: 10 AM - 10 PM

    Contact No: 09701891901

    Available Product: COMPUTERS,TVs,Monitors.
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