Mega Graphic Novels Sale

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Mond Mond Ja Ja
Jul 20, 2009
Rating - 100%
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  • Product Name:
  • Expected Price: Rs 5990 for all. Individual prices are mentioned also.
  • Shipping charges :Extra, will depend on how many books purchased
  • Description if any: - BONE, Scott Pilgrim and Marvel Zombies will be sold as entire collection only. No individual sale.

    - All books were purchased from Flipkart and all were purchased in year 2011 ending months, except Zombie novels and 3 Scott pilgrim books. All books conditions are like new. I have preserved them exceptionally well.
  • - All binding of paperbacks is intact. It does not even feel like the books have been used.
    - All edges of books are proper. No folding or anything.
    - Prices are fixed.
    - Shipping will be extra, and it's not included in selling price. I will try to minimize the shipping cost as much as I can. But some books are really heavy. So there will be nominal shipping charges.
    - Bone, Scott pilgrim, Marvel zombies, Y the last man, and blankets will incur lil bit more shipping charges. As they have more weight.
    - Shipping will be via DTDC only.
    - If Any info/Pic is required, let me know.
  • Reason for Sale: Done with them. Need money for something else
  • Product condition: 10 of 10
  • Purchase Date: Varies. From June 2011 to Nov 2011
  • Remaining Warranty period: Not applicable
  • Warranty available in: Not applicable
  • Invoice Available: No

  • Shipping from: Hyderabad
  • Shipping to: All over India, Local buyer preferred
  • Preferred courier: DTDC, speedpost
  • Payment options: Cash, bank transfer, ebay (7% extra)

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