Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Accessories - Wedge Keyboard And Touch Mouse


News Reporter
Mar 19, 2008
Navi Mumbai
Microsoft is set to launch Windows 8 on October 26th , along with which ,it will be launching a slew of new accessories optimized for the new OS which it announced today.

Microsoft announced five such products inlcuding a pair of bluetooth keyboard and three bluetooth mice .

Wedge Mobile Keyboard - This bluetooth keyboard is designed specifically to be used with tablets. Its full size keyboard with minimalist and light-weight design that makes it easy to carry around . It has new Windows logo and Windows 8-specific “hot keys” which represent how the apps can work together in Windows 8 (charms) – Search, Share, Device and Settings .

The keyboard will retail for $ 79.95 .

Wedge Touch Mouse - This wedge shaped tiny mouse fits easily in pocket . It also connects via Bluetooth . It works on almost any surface and has four way touch scrolling . To save battery life – it will power down and go into sleep along with the PC or device it’s paired to.

The Wedge Touch Mouse will retail for $69.95 .

Sculpt Touch Mouse and Sculpt Touch Keyboard

The keyboard connects using Bluetooth . It also has Windows 8 specific keys like the Wedge keyboard ,It has Comfort Curve Design that helps position the hands and wrists to be in a more natural resting position. To save battery life, it will power down and go into sleep mode after inactivity.

This Sculpt Touch Mouse mouse also connects to your PC or device via Bluetooth and has a four-way touch scroll strip let lets you swipe up and down, left and right through apps and the Start screen in Windows 8.

The Sculpt Touch Keyboard and the Sculpt Touch Mouse will retail for $49.95 .