Millions of contact details, search history stolen in online attack: Facebook


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Jul 16, 2011
Facebook revealed on Friday that a hack in September allowed attackers to harvest millions of phone numbers and email addresses.

The company said hackers used 400,000 accounts under their control to gain the access tokens of 30 million Facebook users, according to a blog post. Access tokens are used by Facebook users to log into their accounts without having to type in their passwords.

Among the 30 million affected users, 14 million had their names, contact information and sensitive information, such as their gender, relationship status and recent place check-ins, exposed to the attackers, Facebook said. Another 15 million users had their names and contact information breached, and 1 million users solely had their access tokens stolen. Facebook has reset the access tokens for all of those users.


OP's take:
Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram -- They're wasting you, Leave them!
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WhatsApp and Instagram Original founders Left the company, You're in the hands of a dangerous Web mafia!
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Nov 29, 2014
Already stopped using FB since years. Just need to delete the account..
But whatsapp will be comparatively tough to quit..
However I'm not that worried about such leaks on whatsapp as it doesn't have much sensitive info comparatively.. Also all messages over whatsapp are encrypted right
No idea what people do on Instagram, never used it so one less thing to worry

Only thing I'm terrified is if someday there is a breach in google then I'm doomed.. It knows everything about me.. perhaps more than I know about myself !!
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Oct 12, 2012
Yes whatsaap would be little tough to ditch. Mobile services went downhill 99% time I end up calling in whatsapp rather than struggling with Vodafone pathetic services.

Never used Instagram, fb account I check once a year.
Already in process of migrating away from google (only calendar and mail in use at present).

Another big corporation we shall keep in check is amazon.. with Alexa I’m hearing few alarming news.