Modding Minecraft for University project


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Feb 26, 2020
I’m Naval, and with my group of friends in university, we created a cool modded version of Minecraft. It s really simple click based version adventure like with stories on my school!
We would like that all students of our university to play the game and propose a competition event :)! Great!! but here are the issues we faced brainstorming on the idea

1/ How can everyone play the game without having to install it? Can everyone play it in their web browser by streaming the game from a computer linked to the school server? Is that even possible?

2/ Lots of student dont have super fast computers with gpus integrated ( Some even just have a google tablet)… Is streaming on a browser a good idea? Can 100 people play at same time? Can 1000? Can 10000?

3/ Not a lot of budget so we don’t consider cloud as a solution but the internet at School is pretty fast!

4/ is VDI an option? Are their other technologies to consider?

5/ what kind of hardware is necessary?

Noted that we exported the modded version of Minecraft in windows but also linux version so we can test it on a virtual machine. It’s pretty lite and the 3D inside the game is pretty small…. ( Whole export is 250 Mo). We thought of creating a custom linux distro with the minecraft modded version on it... and we want to plug a sort of raspy on the school local server… but is it even a good idea?

Maybe people from the forum can help us find answers?
Many thanks have a gooooood day