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Jul 24, 2006
I am now nearing the end of my first week of complete dependency on streaming services for entertainment. In all honesty I don't miss a the Tata Sky at all. The alternatives to it are pretty good.

I am using - VIP 365 on Hotstar + Amazon Prime + Netflix (4 screen share membership) + Youtube

All of the above combined cost me less than Tata Sky's 745 a month.

Not to mention being an Airtel Postpaid customer I have access to Airtel TV and during World Cup I purchased Sony Liv for 1 Rupee. I don't use these 2 because they are not good.

I do miss Forged in Fire on History Channel but not to an extent that I want to pay Tata Sky for it.

What about you guys? Anyone else crossing the bridge?


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Oct 7, 2010
For me its TataSky + kodi
TataSky costs 400 / month with all my and my parents channels. Mainly used for live TV , news, natgeo , discovery. sony BBC earth HD is fantastic!
I download a lot of content using torrents and youtube-dl . My network setup for viewing downloaded content is super sweet. Download from PC -> router HDD -> instatntly viewable on android kodi, using SMB shares.

Don't see myself switching to streaming services. Their Interface is so hard to navigate.


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May 10, 2009
I have them all. Paying 625 on Tata Sky. It's still unbeatable for watching sports and reruns of TV shows and movies to pass time. Then, I have Nerflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime through my brother who doesn't have a TV connection but only all these streaming services. When he needs to, he uses my Tata Sky online viewing to watch Champions League while consecutively watching another Champions League match on Jio TV. I also have access to Jio TV as well as Airtel TV but haven't used them till now. After all this, still, most of the content I watch, apart from sports, is through downloads, thanks to h265 rips these days. Most of the times, despite having Netflix available, I prefer downloading the same show from the h265 sources instead.


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Mar 17, 2008
I have left DTH since Nov last year and totally into streaming.
Initially had just Prime and Netflix (shared among friends in the same apartment), and recently subscribed to Hotstar premium when sports season (F1, IPL) started. (GOT is coming too)

I don't miss TV channels at all - I never watch news on TV, just used to re-watch some series and movies and a bit of music channels in the morning.
All these are easily replaced (and improved) by streaming now.

I got Kodi + router media device, but I prefer streaming than downloading and FTPing and searching subs etc. Also, watch history is synced among devices - so I can continue in any device, no need use 3rd party tool to keep track of watched episodes.

Recently one of my 1tb hdd crashed, with almost 80% filled with TV series and movies. But with the various streaming services, I am not really that sad now, like I used to be in old days when hdd gave up. :D :D

AirtelTV and JioTV - seldom used. Tried few times when not at home.

Though I am into streaming 100% now, keeping the dth line, will have to recharge for local channels when my parents would visit.