Monitor Recommendation for Reading + Surfing + Trading - 15k Budget


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Nov 24, 2011
Hi All,

My wife is setting up home office. We are looking for a monitor to hook up with her laptop for her work. Major requirements are :
1. Lot of Reading (40% of time)
2. Trading on multiple terminals. She will be using a lot of charts and multiple line patterns. (40% of time)
3. Youtube tutorial videos (20% of time)

I saw couple of Benq models on Amazon and found them good. Link 1 & Link 2

Kindly suggest suitable monitors and specifically what should I look out for.
Budget is 15k. I believe a 27inch (Full Hd) should fit the bill. Would buying used (from TE) be a good bet ?

FYI : She is using a 12 incher exec laptop now (HD)

P.S: Maybe / Just Maybe I would buy PS4 later on and game on it :)))