Video My 3 years experience in Tata Sky


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Jul 24, 2006

Why? How? Where? Which?

On a more serious note -

Former Tata Sky User. Life was jhingalala till TRAI entered the scene and ruined it for everyone.

Even during then if a cat or a dog in the neighborhood decided to take a leak the Tata Sky would not receive the signal.

At other times the LNB would go randomly bad between 2-3 years and the engineer would blame the coastal air here in Mumbai which was odd because earlier when I started I never faced the issue in the first 4-5 years. The air must have been different back then I guess.

At times even though fastened the dish because of wind would move a tiny degree or 2 and boom weak signal.

Got myself Failtel 100 mbps connection. A Lan extension and a repeater right next to my TV, a mi box and picked up both Tata Sky boxes and chucked it at @vivek.krishnan for always saying this at least once he is on the phone - "You are now speaking to me on my Google Pixel". Sadly he is still unfazed and still says it.