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Jul 24, 2006
Over the last few years I have been collecting games for a few console viz., PSP, Vita and PS3. Thought I would share them here.

The overall PSP collection -


Compilations of old classic games -


3D Platformers with campaigns -


Pick up and play games -


Games with Driving involved -


The only flight game


Fighting Games -


PS Vita games -


I bought games from Local Stores, Sales Threads here, IVG, Ebay, Amazon, Play-Asia etc., so I don't remember sources of most of these games but if you happen to be someone I dealt with do mention it.

@nish_pinto - Thanks for letting me have Mortal Kombat Unchained for PSP for free when I bought DBZ Shin Budokai from you.

@avi - Thanks for sending me Loco Roco 2.

Note - For those who want to buy games for Vita most games sold here are region 1. It is why I haven't bought a physical copy of Ridge Racer for Vita. I learned about it the hard way thanks to Gravity Rush and Wipeout 2048. The codes you get with Wipeout 2048 won't work with your Indian PSN account as you need to have a region 2 game for it and if you bought the Wipeout HD Fury Pack the extra DLC for 2048 that you get with it won't work either. So Ridge Racer which is a very stripped down version and needs loads of DLCs should be bought from PSN store only or if you have a smart phone or table simply get Ridge Racer Slipstream.

Will add PS3 game and the very few PC games I have along with consoles I have gradually.
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Jul 24, 2006
Time to start listing PS3 games.

Before I start I would like to thank @Ethan_Hunt and @Gannu for helping me out when I bought a PS3.

Today I will only be posting driving games I have. Not including games like GTA, Sleeping Dogs etc because they are Sandbox games with driving involved and have a story driven campaign but are more than just driving. Driver San Fransisco is listed because the campaign and cutscenes are just an excuse to drive around and race or take down criminals.

A special mention and thanks to @vyral_143 for helping me get Colin McRae Dirt 1 as I was unable to find a copy out here at the time I was looking for it and it is still a difficult game to find. May be it came out very early in the PS3 phase and people were looking forward to Motorstorm and probably skipped it.







Radhey Krishan
Sep 2, 2008
I have played Samurai Showdown and Metal Slug a lot at the gaming parlours when was a kid. Amazing collection.


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Jul 24, 2006
Thanks for showing interest guys. Believe me there's more to come.

@Fenix - If you don't want to spoil your childhood memories I would recommend that you don't play the SNK compilations on PSP all of them except Metal Slug is flawed. Samurai Showdown is more like Samurai Slowdown on PSP playable to an extent and KOF literally unplayable. I don't know who tested it. With KOF there's input lag, glitchy, at times the stage music plays for a few seconds and just stops. This mostly happens in 98 but some are fairly playable. Metal slug is the arcade port and a good one except minor slowdowns when there's too much on screen and if you know this game well there's always too much on screen especially during boss battles but still remains fun to play.


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Jul 24, 2006
Couldn't post during the week so let me make it up by posting something different this time around.

I am posting my entire GTA collection.

There are few things to note I have 1 version of each game released with an exception to GTA Advance. With Game Boy Advance games, finding new ones is extremely difficult especially out here in India and most of the old ones are sold cartridge only and there are a lot of counterfeit cartridges and getting them online will always be risky.

With GTA games manuals are half the fun. They are made out to be like Travel guides or a newspaper booklet etc giving you details of the game in a very fun way. One of the funniest manuals is the one from Liberty City Stories.

The GTA 3 PC version sold in India doesn't have a manual. It just has a tiny poster containing the map and a few more details printed on the other side. I tried to find the 3D Universe trilogy out here which was readily available 4 or so years back but was not available now.

Thanks to @anu0512 for getting this through his friend in the states. Initially delivered to him and then once he landed in India sending it to me. So a huge thanks to him for going through so much trouble.

The overall Collection -


Splitting them Platform Wise -

GTA 5 Special Edition and GTA 4 Complete Edition for PS3


Games on PS3, 360 were part of HD Universe but on PSP you got games from both HD and 3D Universe

GTA VCS and GTA LCS are part of 3D Universe and are prequels to Vice City and GTA 3 and lead chars make an appearances in the sequels. If you are wondering why bikes are absent in GTA 3 (apart from technical limitations when the game came out) then read the GTA LCS manual where A.R.S.E is asking for a ban on 2 wheelers in the city which apparently does happen as you see no bikes in the city in GTA 3. THIS is why manuals are important in GTA games.

GTA Chinatown Wars is part of the HD universe and a sequel to GTA 4. It also has one of the best lead characters in the GTA universe. If you haven't played it then grab your phone and start playing because it is a really good game and has one of the best ways to make money on the side. I wish the feature is brought over to a newer GTA game.


The PC Version. No introductions needed for any of these 3 games.


@anu0512 - Thanks for this -


PC Version of the 2D Universe. These games were also available on PSX and GTA 1 and 2 were also able on Gameboy Color (I have no idea on how they did it but they did it).

GTA London is the first GTA game I ever played back in 1999 I think on a PSX in a videogame parlour and despite the top down view it blew me away.

GTA 1 and London aren't that great games by today's standards and the save system makes it difficult but they are what spawned a juggernaut of a series today. In GTA 2 you need to earn $50,000 to save your status but in GTA 1 and London you need to really need to be good to complete missions in one go and not loose enough lives or get busted else you will have to start from scratch again and again. I never got around to saving in either of those games.

The 2D Universe in pictures -

Overall Collection -



GTA 1 - Pic 1


GTA 1 - Pic 2


GTA London

GTA London - Pic 1


GTA London - Pic 2



GTA 2 - Pic 1


GTA 2 - Pic 2


Few things to note.
1. The reason 2 pics are posted for 2D universe is because they are rare and the front artwork is also the manual and the posters were really important back in the day as there was no in game map and you had to heavily rely on them at time. For example a number of times I got lost after doing a mission and trying to find the church in GTA 2 only to end up running someone over or bumping into a police car trying to find the save point and loosing ammo and money in the process not to mention the games had limited continues and you would loose 1.
2. GTA London has 2 dates. GTA London 1969 is a mission Pack released in a physical copy for PC and PSX and GTA London 1961 is a prequel to it released for PC back in the day. To run that you need to have GTA 1 installed, London 1969 on top of it and then run the patch for 1961. I did try it and after messing around did get it to work but on modern PCs GTA 1 and London crash a lot so not worth the headache.
3 I wouldn't recommend GTA 1 but do recommend GTA 2 as it is a solid game even today and the way the game is structured it has a lot of replayability.
4. GTA 1 and 2 were freely given out by Rockstar Games a few years back and they fixed the crashing issues that you find on the retail discs.

Me Playing GTA 2 from the free re-release by Rockstar Games -

Apologies for the long post.


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Jul 24, 2006
Have had opportunity to witness the collection in person.
Not only the collection is amazing, but also the way he maintains it is amazing.
Been a while mate. Hope you're enjoying Assetto Corsa with the G27.

Want to let go some of the titles? :p
Sorry mate none of the games are for sale. I am interested in knowing which games you liked. May be I can help with the hunt.