Budget 31-40k Need a laptop for Coding and Trading


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Aug 7, 2007

It's been 4-5 years I have posted/visited. So lost the complete touch. Here I am with my requirement.

Background/Usage: I am now in to algo trading platform development and my current set up that I am running is a Desktop with 8gb ram and intel g3240 +1gb graphic card. I don'd see any issues with this set up but makes me to sit on it always. Performance is satisfactory.

Now since I want to get a laptop, Here are my requirements.
> It will be used for Coding and trading. should be able to match to the speed of g3240 that I have or even better is fine.
> 14 inch screen is strictly preferred. I took a HP laptop of 15.6inch 2 years back in 20k and kids broker the screen bezels. I am now using it as cpu with my TV since there is no screen. So strict no to 15.6 inch.
> Performance and Build quality really matters a lot for me. Dont care with color/look.
> Bulky also works out.. no issues.
> Preferably dell.
> Metal body preferred ( Am I expecting too much in this budget)?


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Aug 7, 2007
Thank you. Any specific models please.. i can extend up to 45 to 50k @vyral_143

Had a look at lenovo ideapad 320S 80X400G6IN but seems discontinued... Need strict 14 inch or lower


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Sep 19, 2005
what are you coding? these are the low end core i3 in your 30k budget.

if you're going to use something like visual studio etc please say so we can give better options in 40+k range.

28990 - Dell Vostro 14" core i3 8130U Screen resolution - 1366x768


if you don't mind the lower resolution, you can remove ubuntu and install windows. plus add an ssd and another 8GB ram and it will run very fast.

Lenovo Ideapad 330S Intel Core I3 8130U 8th Gen 14 - inch FHD Laptop with windows 10 home. 4GB mem + 1TB hdd

(without optane memory) Rs 33,299 - https://www.amazon.in/Lenovo-Ideapad-330S-Intel-Core/dp/B07F5LNPP3/

with 16B optane - 36,979 - https://www.amazon.in/Lenovo-Ideapad-330S-Intel-Core/dp/B07GCQ68G7/

optane is like ssd for caching mechanical hdd files. for ssd its useless according to some reviews. so maybe if you get the one without optane memory, you will get an M2 slot which can be used for adding M2 ssd or something like that. I wonder if that slot is present in the laptop models without the optane memory.

you can add - 240GB SSD or another 8GB ddr4 ram for higher speeds. I suggest to add 8GB ram first. since 4GB ram in these laptops is quite insufficient for windows.
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Dec 18, 2009
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I am not much aware about the nature of your work, however, on the basis of the fact that a G3240 works for you, which is a dual core high frequency CPU, you are using something that is not multi-threaded. If you can confirm this, then you can opt for any laptop from 6th generation onwards, however, with a high clock count.

As to your issues with screen size/bezels, yes, 13 and 14 inchers are the sweet spot, with the latter not commanding a premium either. 15 inchers are mainly for budget screens and are more fragile.

As for choice of laptops, I prefer Dell Vostro (I used a new 3468 and felt it was well built for 25K) and Latitudes. Would suggest to pickup a refurb x200 series of Lenovo as well.