Monitors Need advice for buying a monitor


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Dec 31, 2008
Hey Guys

I need a new monitor to connect to my laptop since its quite a pain to see a lot of code side by side on a small screen. Please recommend me some good options. Requirements:
1. Should be square, not widescreen
2. Max Resolution 1280x1280 cuz that is what my gfx card supports
3. Cheap (below 5-6k preferably)
4. Size >=19 inch
5. Reliable
6. No gaming need at all, so response time doesnt need to be miniscule but should not be a strain on eyes..
7. VGA in. (My laptop outputs through vga or display port)

PS: If any of you have a monitor that you meets above things, is in excellent condition, want to sell it and you are in hyderabad, please PM me.