Need advice for hosting VMs and HD videos


Jan 16, 2010

I need your advice based on these requirements:

1. Budget - around 35k or little more

2. CPU - a quad core

Won't be doing any overclocking.

I will be hosting 3-4 server 2008 VMs on a Hyper V. So need CPU cores to be assigned to these VMs.

3. RAM - more RAM means more VMs. Not concerned about speed. I guess DDR2 is fine. But would accept your suggestion.

4. GPU - would like to watch full HD videos. Haven't tried any gaming :eek:hyeah:

But may be try some basic gaming in future.

5. MBD - would prefer some ASUS model. But will accept your suggestions.

6. Audio - This is important for me. I want to listen to lossless audio. Very conscious that the system should not make noise. Prefer any HD audio card if needed.

7. Storage - Have a 1TB external HDD. So, I wouldn't require more than 250 Gb internal drive.

8. Cabinet - Wouldn't mind if it occupies space or makes external noise. But my only concern is that it should not make any hissing or noise when I use my headphones. Not sure is its related to cabinet alone ;)

9. Monitor - won't need biggies..21" would be enough. full HD with good contrast

Thanks in advance!!

Oops!! No one yet?!

Come on guys...I need your advice.