Need help with setting up an SMS service


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Jun 13, 2005
I've got an idea for a website with an sms service.

For the site to work I need people to be able to register/unregister for the sms service. And I need a way to bill them.

Most of my targeted users will not be internet savvy. A friend suggested getting them to subscribe by sending me demand draft along with their details. But that's something I'd consider only as a worst case scenario.

I could make apps for android/iphone, but my target audience is people who are techno-phobes, and subscribing for an sms service on their phone is the max they can do.

Is there anyway I can charge them per sms, like the networks do?

They message me, and I message back. Or they subscribe for my service by smsing a number and I get the money from their service provider?

There are a couple of bulk sms dealers in India whose services are integrated with Drupal, but I think that all they'll let me do is send sms's to a subscription list created online. And I need the list to be dynamically altered by sms and not only people with internet access.

I'd ideally like to develop the site in Drupal, but I'm okay with any free CMS. Or any other solution for that matter.

Any help would be appreciated.