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    Hi folks,
    I am looking to get an ipod dock. Any good ones? I require dock with remote. I have powered speakers and i would like to connect to the dock. I will require my ipod to charge the same.
    I found that JBL On Stage Micro does not charge this particular model of ipod. My requirements fit with Onkyo DS-A2/DS-A3. But iam not able to locate one close to my budget. I see DS-A3 can be used if using a Video Out. But how is the video out to TV? Is it good? Denon model does not have a remote.

    Budget: 5k (max)
    Item: Ipod Nano 4G
    Speakers: AudioEngine A2 (powered speakers)

    Note: I do not need built in speakers on the ipod dock as i would like to connect my A2 with the dock.

    Any shop in bangalore has it? Or any site to buy online?
    Folks, do let me know.
  2. OP

    kenkanya Member

    I got the DS-A3 onkyo ipod dock.
    I got this from my friend and see that it has the US adaptor with it. It has the US plug point (2 flat pin - picture shown is 3 pin, but i have the bottom ie., 2 pin) and i see the sticker on the adapter mentions input as 100-240V. Can i use this? Or should i need to buy a converter? If so, what converter, price?
    I will plug this to the Belkin 6 way surge protector which i understand accepts both US and Indian plug points.

    What i plan to use:
    Ipod dock
    Ipod Nano 4G
    A2 (Audio Engine)

    Shall i go ahead with this setup (use of the US adapter) without burning my stuff? Or do provide inputs.

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