Net-Tops Designed by AMD Brand New Condition

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Nov 15, 2008
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Hi folks,

selling in behalf of my friend.

he has Wipro Protos 8 nos . his uncle closed his office from here so he wanted to sell this. so i am actually helping him.

Wipro protos market price is arround 10,999/- as he said. (i dont have any idea about it)

i am using one net-top at my home. running windows xp in it and it works flawlessly! hats of to AMD.

it can be used as download machine or office application machines. it works on 12v adaptor 3.33A :bleh:

adaptors are not included int his deal.

His offer price is 4500/- shipped (they are like brand new) but no warranty and no bill included. 7days testing warranty is there.

Condition: 9.5/10

Below is specifications:

it has .5watt speaker also :D

these models have 160GB SAMSUNG ATA 5400RPM Hard Drives

here are the pics

to compare size, below is transcend usb dvd writer. it is smaller than it!!!

:hap2: Buy it now!!! seriously awesome product, even protection polythene is not removed, its like brand new product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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