New cable TV Tariffs to put a hole in your pocket!

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Are you saving money with this New TRAI rule?

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  2. No (My bills have increased)

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  1. Lord Nemesis

    Lord Nemesis Overlord

    People also need to realize that the only institution that can and will act in the interests of the citizens is the judicial system. Yes it fails us too once too often, but it still is the only system that can be relied on ever to ever act in public interest. That is why the supreme court has such overarching powers to even stop the govt when its breaking the very constitution its expected to preserve. No other system in place including regulators like RBI and TRAI etc are meant to serve the people. They are meant to serve the govt ( regardless of who ever is in power) and its interests. Further more even their ability to act autonomously is restricted these days. There may be some occasional coincidental cases of interests matching ours on a few areas, but more often than not, corporate lobby interests have more chance of matching govt interests than ours.

    Blind belief in regulators is not a good thing. Even with no malice intended, a regulator can do more harm than good just though sheer incompetency in making regulation.
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  2. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan If you cant see the green dot, I'm offline :P

    Sounds very far fetched to me. You may not be 100% wrong though.

    Either way, let's wait and watch.....
  3. hellblazer33

    hellblazer33 Member

    I only want to know how this new system is different from what we already had.We already had al carte channel packaging In airtel it was min 99rs/month for alcarte channels.Now we have to pay NCF + each channel price.Apart from transparency how is this different
  4. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan If you cant see the green dot, I'm offline :P

    They cannot charge differently for DTH, cable, etc.
  5. bigbyte

    bigbyte Well-Known Member

    This new tariff is nothing but a never ending mess. More than 300 packs to choose from, WTH.
    Next will be four category of pay channels, A, B, C & D priced above 20/15/10/5 respectively. A bouquet can comprise of channels only from one particular category. Aur raita phailao.
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  6. RS4

    RS4 Well-Known Member

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  7. Lord Nemesis

    Lord Nemesis Overlord

    Why the heck are consumer hopes smashed? Are consumers hoping for even higher prices? Have you read though the article? The article clearly states that TRAI wanted to limit the discounts on bundles to 15%. Presently the discounts are in the range of 40-50%. The Supreme Court did not entertain TRAI's appeal which means that such deep discounts can continue. Is the court the enemy for allowing lower prices on bundles?
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    I don't understand how people worked out this upside down logic that putting a cap on bundle prices would force the broadcaster to reduce their prices on channels to match the bundle prices. Sorry that is not how its going to work. That is not what TRAI is looking for either. Do you know what they will do even if that happens? They will change the current max cap on prices to min cap and introduce a slightly higher max cap.
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  8. jujuburi

    jujuburi Member

    You had to pay ₹99. Now you have to pay ₹154. Difference.
  9. cute.bandar

    cute.bandar Active Member

    What happens to long duration pack users, on tatasky ? I had paid for 1 year .
  10. vinukm

    vinukm Well-Known Member

    My Airtel infinity pack got converted to monthly pack and have to wait for new offers.
  11. OP

    swatkats Keeping TE Alive!

    Looks like TataSky will give Rude shock to its customers. They're not announcing new plans, They'll start calling customers from Jan 30th and charge for the channels which they select.

    If TataSky announces plans just like D2h or Hathway, I'm sure people would make a sensible decision of switching to other Cheap alternatives.

    ~~~ WAIT n Watch mode ~~~

    They'll prolly refund the rest of the months as balance.
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  12. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh ╙TÉçhkⁿºwªy±iVé»╖

    If tatasky wants to survive they need to be favorable or drop last min cheapest bomb to please existing base and to capture new.
  13. adder

    adder Well-Known Member

    I doubt customers would switch, since the prices will be the same in all dth providers. If anything tata sky may gain customers.
  14. Lord Nemesis

    Lord Nemesis Overlord

    Tatasky has the highest market share and it will stay that way. There are many places where Tata Sky is the exclusive operator. Even cable operators who used to offer a single bundle of channels and at cheap prices are now expected to follow the same rules as DTH operators and offer subscriptions at similar prices. This means that these operators will no longer be economical. Either people will be forced to get off TV or restrict usage to select list of channels and there will be a shift to DTH over well.
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  15. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan If you cant see the green dot, I'm offline :P

    Wait and watch mode here as well. We might be shifting house to a new complex, Pune and there TS is the exclusive operator. No wonder TS is trying to fight this entire thing tooth and nail
  16. sharktale1212

    sharktale1212 Well-Known Member

    There is a new order from TRAI on the channels shown by DTH operators. Anyone tried changing/selecting their channels on their operators?
  17. ssslayer

    ssslayer Well-Known Member

    I do not understand what advantage do we consumers stand to gain from the new change.
    In fact the way I see it - my bill is only set to go up without any imporovement in the broadcast quality.
    Each channel house has come up with its own bloated package ... if I sum up the relevant channels from each - I end up paying more than earlier.
  18. seshu

    seshu *

    that is what every viewer should ask the TRAI & the Channels
  19. 6pack

    6pack Well-Known Member

  20. ssslayer

    ssslayer Well-Known Member

    Here is what I can make of the situation: the bastards called channel houses saw that the local cable operators (not DTH) are solving common man's problem of selective channels at effective price. They invoked this regulation to increase their monopolistic share of bundling.

    HAHA, so much for the FREE MARKET CAPITALISM!

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