Nokia N95 & Motorola Q ( CDMA Tata Indicom )

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Oct 1, 2008
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Up For sale are 2 Phones.

One is a hardly used & a very well kept Nokia N95. It was purchased in September 2008 ( hence the warranty is over ) but the original bill & all accessories shall be provided.

The N95 phone Bundle Contains :

1. Nokia N95

2. Original Nokia N95 Charger

3. Original Nokia N95 Headphones

4. Original Nokia N95 TV Out Cable

5. Original 1GB Micro SD Card

6. Original Nokia N95 Product Manual & Booklet

7. Original Nokia N95 Box & Packaging

High resolution Pictures are provided below =>

The Motorola Q Bundle Contains

a) 1 Motorola Q CDMA Mobile Phone ( Non UIM , TATA Indicom only ) hence, the phone doesn't have a SIM or UIM card. In order to use a MIN number has to be issued & fed into the phone at free of cost via TATA Indicom showroom.

b) Original 512 MB Mini SD card

c) Original Motorola Q Extra 1640 mAh Battery in addition to the 1130 mAh Slim Battery

d) Original Motorola Charger & Motorola Headphone

e) Original Manual & Original Windows Mobile 5 Installation Disc

f) Original Motorola Mini-USB to USB Cable

Remember the Motorola Q runs Windows Mobile 5 :)

High resolution Pictures are provided below =>

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