PC Peripherals Of PSU, UPS, PFC and Sine wave


Sep 29, 2015
Guys I'm having a huge problem with my UPS and Inverter... Here are the specs of UPS, PSU and Inverter. Please help me out:

Inverter: http://srsenterprises.net/wp-content/themes/srs/images/microtek_offline/pdf/UPS SEBz-850VA.pdf
UPS: http://www.apc.com/shop/in/en/products/APC-Back-UPS-600-230V-without-auto-shutdown-software-India/P-BX600CI-IN
PSU: http://www.antec.com/product.php?id=706329&fid=5022051&lan=nz

The problem is, all the power sockets in my house are supported already by the inverter. But when electricity goes, the computer shuts down which is why I thought of getting a UPS.

Today afternoon there was a power cut and the UPS gave me enough time to shut down the PC but in the evening again there was power cut but the UPS shut down immediately.

Also there are two modes in my inverter: 100 - 300 VA and 180 - 260 VA. Which one do I keep? I read somewhere that my PC won't restart if I keep inverter in 180 - 260 VA mode. Till now I was on 100 - 300 VA mode. The inverter has pure sine-wave.

Do I even need the UPS or will keeping the inverter in 180 - 260 VA mode be sufficient?

And in the afternoon and evening I was playing the same game without running any additional tasks or programs then why did the PC not shut down in the afternoon but in the evening it shut down the moment there was a power cut?


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Aug 19, 2009
I am having issues with booting my computer.. When power button is pressed all fan moves for a second then stop. On removing graphic card, 2 rams and DVD ROM, on starting PC the PSU and cpu fan moves well but no booting..

On reading around forums it appears that the issue is with PSU.. I have a Corsair CX400 psu which is now out of warranty (5yrs old)..
Now the question is should I get it repaired from Corsair service centre or its better to throw it away and get a new one as it is not in warranty??
Does repair costs feasible?