Of Techies and Managers


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Feb 22, 2005
Once a guy who was in a hot air balloon acciedenly makes the balloon fly, as he didn't know how to control the balloon, he went far far away.By the time he balloon reached the ground back, he was lost and that too in a lonely place.
As he wandered around, he saw a guy, he immediatly asked him, where he was and the guy repliez 66 degree latitude and 45 degrees longitude.The lost guy looks at him with a blank look and then sayz, you must be in Tech Support.The guy asks, how do you know ?
The first guy replies whatever you are saying is true, but is useless.
The other guy replies You must be in management.The lost guy asks how does he know ? and he replies, first You screw things up and now you're blaming that on me.