FS: Others Offloading unused gadgets. Logitech G102 / Bluetooth Music Receiver / Mi Band HRX / GT640 2GB


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Oct 30, 2015
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Dec 1, 2018
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Selling gadgets I collected over past 6 months but hardly used, if ever.

All prices include tracked Shipping. delivered within 2 days of shipping

Accepting Bank transfer / UPI / crypto

TP Link Bluetooth music adapter

purchased: December 2018, Amazon.in
Included: Bill, Aux cable, Usb power adapter

Condition: 9/10 Perfect Working condition W scratches on body

Switched to Spotify connect after a month of use. Works perfectly, scratches from storage.

Purchase price - 1200
asking price - 599

Mi Band HRX

purchased: July last year
Included: Box, band, usb power adapter, guide
Condition: 9/10 perfect working condition W few scratches on body

Impulse purchase last summer. used for 3-4 weeks before packing it. Battery is fine, small scratches but otherwise perfect.

purchase price - 1100
asking price - 399

Logitech G102 mouse

purchased: February 2019, Amazon.in
Included: Bill, mouse
Condition: 10/10 perfect working condition, faint scratches/scuffs from storage.

literally used for 5 days while my G403 went for RMA. pristine condition. used on a mouse pad all the time.

purchase price - 1,019
asking price - 699

Nvidia Gainward GT640 2gb

purchased: June 2019
Included: GPU only
Condition: Second OWNER 7.5/10 Works perfectly with some extra steps
Thermal compound replaced with EK Gelid

purchased from OLX to test my R7 1700. First owner had it for a year.

Games run fine If you launch them for hours on end.

The card crashes/stutters on windows 10 desktop for me with latest nvidia drivers after few minutes. Old drivers fixed it for me.
Might work without issues on other OS/ Driver combo. Ryzen doesnt support anything below windows 10 so I cant verify. Buy at your own Risk. I can only attest to my experience with the card working on windows 10 with pre 2019 Nvidia drivers.

purchase price - 2K
asking price - 699

PM or comment below for further information