Ogg players for your phone.


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Jan 24, 2005
About Ogg Vorbis
Ogg Vorbis is an audio compression format similar to mp3. However the compressed files are approximately a factor two smaller than mp3 files. To be more precise an ogg file encoded with 64kbit/sec gives approximately the same level of audio quality as a 128kbit/sec mp3 file. In addition the ogg format is a free format, i.e. nobody pays licence fees when recording or playing music in this format. Free converters for the ogg vorbis format are available widely for all platforms. More information and some sample files here: http://www.vorbis.com/.
More about ogg vorbis and its history
An introduction to compressed autdio with Ogg vorbis

Some of the OGG players are :
Plays on :
SonyEricsson P800 and P900
Siemens SX-1
Nokia NGage, 7650, 6600, 3650
Motorola A920
Check out the OGGPlay user's guide.

audiobox is a Linux mp3/ogg player front-end based on LCDproc,mpg123 ,mpg321,and ogg123.It is intended to run on a standalone headless Linux machine as an "audio appliance", playing music files from the local hard disk or CD-ROM.
Features :
* File browsing;
* File search (full and sub-list search);
* mp3/ogg playback from CD and HDD;
* multiple playback session support;
* Rudimentary playlist support.
OTR Audio PDA Player Project
This is a project to develop software for an OTR MP3 / OGG player. It is designed to run on the Sharp series of PDAs. Such as the SL-5000 and SL-5500.
More OGG players ,rippers and encoders for windows,MAc,Linux and BeOS :hap2:

Using the OGG Players
1. Download the ogg player setup file and if in zip format ,unzip it.
2. Install the sis file in the internal memory rather than the memory stick if u want to remove the memory stick while the player is running.
3. Copy your ogg files to your phone - either the memory stick or the internal memory.
4. Start the ogg player program .and open the ogg file to play.
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