OnePlus 6 & 6T (2018 launches thread)

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Would you still buy a phone from company who launches a model every 6 months?

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  1. Yes.. I have black money and i can afford new model

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  2. No.. I'll squeeze the phone for a long period and just throw it.. So its fine!

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  1. AMG

    AMG Just another poor guy

  2. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    If you go through a flagship devices breakdown of parts like the iphone or for that matter any device then you will find Cameras cost the maximum apart from the obvious like processor. Even Ram is cheaper nowadays.
    So whats the point of calling themselves a flagship killer??
    It like using a excellent custom rom on a at best average device. This is what we had been always waiting for, anyone who had flashed custom roms in windows mobile era. A good fast custom rom with few useful tweaks. But is it a holistic package, hell no!!

    Just because the mighty koreans and the American manufacturers have remained elusive from this Oneplus is thriving on a myth!!

    Just give them another year and they will be another shit company.

    I still like the 6T but never for 38k. At best its a 30k phone. 8k premium for the hype they generated.

    Poco and 5z have shown already what can be done at lower price points. Sooner if OnePlus doesnt come out of their bubble then consider it to be gone in few years
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  3. smnrock

    smnrock Well-Known Member

    Sorry, just because you didn't like the pricing you cannot disagree phone is a flagship killer. you listed some useless features as compromises. LG G7+ display is LCD, poor battery life.. wireless charging not most used features.. believe me.. i got 3 samsung wireless chargers due to a glitch in the samsung app during s8+ launch offer. just two weeks i haveused wireless charging.. its making device very hot and slow in charging... and no where it can come close to dash charging. You boast lg camera, but please see the user reviews.. its no where close to the levels of samsungs. Again same for IP rating.. these are just marketing gimmicks... oh before i forget.. LG will give updates only in dream...(of-course i don't know the current status... but this was the case during previous lg phones).

    BTW i'm not sure why you bash screen finger print reader... i agree its not nano seconds league, but hey its definitely 100 % usable and i'm using it, more than face unlock. And they keep improving it in every updates. Personally i've not bothered with the removal of 3.5 mm(dont forget they have given you converter, how much extra luggage it adds to your existing headphones?)

    I remember buying samsung s3 around 30K when it was their flagship.. now where is samsung? every one increases the price. Believe me, when i wanted to upgrade s8+, i was looking to buy note 9 and monitoring the indian telegram group related to note 9 for possible issues. most of the people complains (still) about battery and they keep pouring suggestions like, flash OS back again, clear cache, blabla... seriously? after paying 65K you want to do all these? I agree samsung makes best devices with best camera, but with the crappy software and crap network reception? no more for me! In my house, 90% of the time, s8+ does not receive signal, but oneplus can. Yes, i bought oneplus 6 red version.

    Again when i prebooked oneplus 6t, i was looking at note 9 group(becas of camera, spay), thinking there must be some improvement in the software part and battery usage.. but as usual samsung never learns :( i also got s9 in between... my god what a worst battery life?

    As i mentioned, camera is letdown in 6t and personally i miss the notification led also... other than these two, i found oneplus is lot better than other flagship devices. the main thing for me is, better software, zero bloatware, fast interface, timely updates and good battery life.. as these thing affect day to day usages(of-course camera which i miss).

    BTW i still like samsung devices especially for the SPAY and camera... lets see whether they will improve the software, network reception and battery usage.
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  4. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    Note 9 has very good battery for me after a long time with Samsung. Even S9+ was good for me. S9 had ridiculous small battery so ofc should be avoided.

    Your love for oneplus is justified no doubt. I used to like their devices. My point is I dont trust their philosophies right now. I feel cheated.

    You didnt got my post clearly about G7+

    LCD screen is awesome on Lg and quad hd
    Ok that doesnt matter.

    What i wanted to put forth is

    Headphone jack adapter quality is not good. Its bad actually.
    Ok you dont listen to music i guess.
    Thats fine.

    IP 68 is a gimmick for you?
    Ok i have cleaned my dirty phones directly under tap water using soap. But thats fine you wont do that. You will avoid water.

    G7+ battery life poor?
    It's great for a 3000mah battery. I accept. LG missed the train here but their optimization is good.

    I am saying from hardware point of view.
    Software plays a very major role and Oneplus has mastered that. But when they say they are having no/minimal profit is ridiculous.

    I still will say 38k for this device is feeding the company.

    Basically you discounted all the hardware innovations to get a good software experience starting from camera to water proofing.

    There is a vacuum in a flagship device with stock android. The day Google makes pixel note 9 or pixel s9+ the whole market of flagship killers will be gone!!

    But right now i will avoid a oneplus device, enough of their fake drama. Camera is first priority for me followed a holistic hardware package.

    To each his own.

    I dont say you are wrong but I want to say the way @Sands becomes aggressive and personal in comments is wrong. Hence my reaction.
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  5. smnrock

    smnrock Well-Known Member

    See i get your point on lg example... But what I'm trying to say is, hardware is just not everything. Everywhere you have to compromise on something and you choose based on your priorities.

    Battery life you won't agree? Please see user reviews in flipkart. Camera review? Please go through same reviews.

    I had lot of dilemma before decided to go for 6t especially with the flipkart offer for g7+... It was almost like owning it for 8 months for zero rupees. But I recollected my earlier experience of no software updates and decided choose 6t.

    Same experience with note 9, with paytm offers, it was difficult for me to pass... But the moment I thought about network problem inside my home, Oh no!. S8+ is still in my home and s9 often comes... TBF, Till i bought op6 i thought signal was really poor inside my home.

    Yes i agree, i won't here music in phone, so that's not priority for me... But may not be now, but please get ready accept the fact, there is no more life for 3.5mm.. Eventually every mobile maker will move towards.

    Anyways my point is, just because of lack of 3.5mm and average camera, you can't say its not flagship killer. As I said not just hardware... Its user experience that matters, otherwise apple can't survive by removing 3.5mm!
  6. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh ╙TÉçhkⁿºwªy±iVé»╖

    For me as well camera plays very important role followed by battery life and os. I'm not criticizing oneplus as said their previous versions were nice with balance between price and performance. They fitted perfectly in the sub 12- 25k price bracket. And most importantly none of them were over hyped like op6.
    And the joke is on flagship killer. Really?? So are Apple, Samsung, Asus etc idiots to introduce the real flagships?
    Just because some Chinese slides in some 20mp and 8gb they become or get noticed as flagship killers, great!
    Pity such public as they might had never used any flagships before or they really are unaware of what a flagship does.
    And then here some YouTube believer nerd who only believes in YouTube & similar reviews should also see the fact that if you reverse your search otherwise, you will as well get those results too with reasons.

    My cousin owns this phone and no doubt the base hardware is strong and smooth ui but I wasn't impressed by the camera at all for the price nothing fancy or out of the box, no led notification as well, no fm and battery too just 3.3mah. And I value these things though may not be so important for other users. A sub 25k vivo or oppo as well offers similar or at times better camera performance.
    Also the crappy os. Why cant they move to stock Android when rest cos are accepting it.
    Have used flagship phones so can judge from that angle.

    I don't hate op6 but hate its pricing, os & some basic but considered as optional features factor and of course the tag of flagship killer. Its an insult to the real flaghips.

    Even take the Nokia's. Does anyone think they deserve the pricing of 30k odd, no. They too are over priced slightly but they never advertise nor do people label them as fship killers. Nokias are known for their sturdy hardware and combined with stock os its awesome pure experience. Moreover its not any Chinese brand as well hence people are willing to pay for it as they do get a trustworthy complete package. But still Nokia is exploiting a bit on pricing factor, they should price a bit lower.

    I dont like Apple due to lack of apps as compared to Android & ui but its hardware and camera is superbly awesome giving a run to any true Android flagship as well.
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  7. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    I used all oneplus devices thinking i will forget the hardware deficiency. Yes i was really happy always for a month or so then Camera or something would screw it up.
  8. smnrock

    smnrock Well-Known Member

    @ayas i do agree camera is average... I can't understand why they can't improve that part... Even thier oppo makes good camera :(

    BTW I do read your blog whenever i needed some information, for example mac pro, surface laptops.
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  9. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    I have now started betting on the new Flagship killer Poco F1.
    19.9k its unmatchable value.
    Even the pixel experience rom is awesome. With working digital wellbeing ;)
    Its the same price point the original oneplus launched at ;)
    We were so happy and I used to defend them a lot because i wanted them to succeed but these Chinese guys are now turning evil.

    Sometimes i feel Trump is right. Through their tech dominance China might be spreading tentacles and collecting huge database.

    Not a single Indian company to pitch for!!!
  10. paarkhi

    paarkhi Well-Known Member

    not atleast for a next decade or so
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  11. smnrock

    smnrock Well-Known Member

    With the current exchange offer(mi max 2) and cashback at paytm, i can get note 9 for 45k...too tempting :(. But quick glance over flipkart and Amazon review show, battery is average and its random in nature. If you are lucky, it will help you to pass a day and with a prevailing network issues, its not easy decision to own one. This is the current situation of a flagship from Samsung.
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  12. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    Stick to Oneplus till you convert. Dont change camps now.
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  13. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    Just in case you value this guys opinion. I am almost on same tone as him. I would have chosen the Zenfone 5z in place of 6T though
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  14. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh ╙TÉçhkⁿºwªy±iVé»╖

    This guy posts some genuine practical reviews with good side by side comparisons. Doesn't shows any preference to specific brand loyalty and openly and neatly talks about those pros and cons.
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  15. smnrock

    smnrock Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised that he didn't include any asus 5z or poco f1 especially after his association with flipkart and asus... Did he disassociate himself from them? I remember seeing a video with top asus official...
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  16. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    Even without association 5Z deserves accolades. A true complete package in budget pricing. Almost flawless if Asus can improve their track record in updates. Till now they have done well with updates for this device
  17. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh ╙TÉçhkⁿºwªy±iVé»╖

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  18. AMG

    AMG Just another poor guy

    China and ethics dont really go together in the same sentence
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  19. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    Even samsung and huawei were caught cheating for selfie photos from slr.

    Samsung long back used to jack up CPU speeds when it detects a benchmark application!!

    No company is saint.

    But my recent anger towards oneplus is they claim to be saint which they are not now

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