OnePlus 6 & 6T (2018 launches thread)

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Would you still buy a phone from company who launches a model every 6 months?

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  1. Yes.. I have black money and i can afford new model

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  2. No.. I'll squeeze the phone for a long period and just throw it.. So its fine!

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  1. smnrock

    smnrock Well-Known Member

    Based on your comments on oneplus not moving towards stock android and samsung does not fall to cheap level... i assume you are newbie for smartphone world.. nevertheless, here is the articles about samsung in past..
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  2. smnrock

    smnrock Well-Known Member

    duplicate post.. edited
  3. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    True I dont support any company but devices. Have grown beyond fanboyism
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  4. nRiTeCh

    nRiTeCh ╙TÉçhkⁿºwªy±iVé»╖

    Well I was unaware about Samsung. But now that oneplus is blooming such cheap step wasnt needed at all.
    And doesnt matter if you call me newbie, honeybee or bumble bee. Just because some so called expert names you so you doesnt really become one.
    I dont stand for chinese phones & I believe in flagships and have being using them for years and will continue to do so.

    Here are some more about oneplus cheating since a yr ago

    & others
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  5. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    Hate comments??
  6. smnrock

    smnrock Well-Known Member

    Ha ha... And nice funny first comment in YT as well.

    Anyways I've not got chance with go through your complete video... Only stopped at fingerprint bashing! Because none of them is correct... I can use fp comfortably without any issues.. And no need to wake up screen for that. The reason is the moment phone is in your hands, ambient display is on and its making fingerprint job easier.

    As i said in one of my earlier comment, 99% i use fingerprint only and very rare face unlock.

    Oh BTW, banking apps perfectly accepts this fingerprint authentication. I use dbs and iMobile... So please go and edit your video. Here i ended watching your so called feedback or comparison.. Yeah you can call me a fan boy :)

    BTW now I own a note 9 too... S8 plus screen was broken, so had to buy note 9 for my wife. Only reason is CAMERA!
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  7. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    1. Scanner didn't work in axis bank app when I had it. May be app problem, may be next firmware updates corrected it

    2. Yes hint of fanboyism suspected.
    It's a 2 step process indeed. Can you unlock without looking at your screen?
    Can you unlock it as you are removing it from your pocket?
    Have you developed a muscle memory for it?

    3. If you are so confident of the scanner, please remove the face data for 5 days and see the results or success rate.

    OnePlus said the scanner will improve with more usage, now may be that also true. But you should have watched completely.
  8. smnrock

    smnrock Well-Known Member

    Wow.. Can unlock without looking at screen? Seriously this is a big con? Then why the hell apple ditched touch id? OMG, what a way to comparison...
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  9. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    Bro I have seen all my iPhone X friend's not liking this issue.
    We get used to it, but it's definitely a con.
    A con when there is no need of it.
    If the whole screen or at least a large part of screen can act as sensor or reader then it will be fine just what Samsung was delaying for.
    In movie theatres you will have this issue.
    And at many specific places.
    Just that we tend to accept it,
    Now again OnePlus has the best software and no denying, they will enjoy this home run for another season may be unless something good they do in 2019.

    All our mileages vary but if you look from a wider perspective you will get the picture.
    My usage pattern may be different than yours and vice versa.

    Please stop justifying by giving apple as example!!
    It's cringy
  10. smnrock

    smnrock Well-Known Member

    Its apple now.. Tomorrow Samsung... Why does even Samsung has iris? Come on, you need to look at your screen when you want to type in your pin :)
  11. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    Please watch the full video to understand my point.
    It's not a single feature

    Anyways love you bro for your point of view.
  12. smnrock

    smnrock Well-Known Member

    OT, can you tell me in which android phone, axis mobile app has fingerprint enabled?

    BTW, just turned off face unlock as well to keep you happy :D
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  13. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    My bad

    I use
    Google pAy
    Bhim axis

    Please see if these work fine?
    Trust me there was only pin option and the scanner wouldn't turn on for authentication.
    Don't remember which app exactly.

    Will go back and tell u.

    There are many who have reported the issue in OnePlus forums too
    And why can't u watch the video and then deny rather than defending the scanner?
    Am asking u another 4 mins of your life.
  14. smnrock

    smnrock Well-Known Member

    sure, will definitely going to see. Anyways my point was, optical fingerprint sensor is not bad as you thought! And my experience, its working better than regular fingerprint sensor when your fingers are wet or oily(agree its NOT a +ve point to boast). I also use AXIS mobile app, so far i've not seen fingerprint option in built in app itself which avoids 6 digit pin entry. This was available only in iphones. Also heavily use paytm especially after i ditched samsung pay and paytm does works fine with fingerprint. And other two apps which i use imobile and dbs, both allows fingerprint without need of entering pins/passwords.
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  15. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    Somehow wet fingers didn't work for me.
    When did you buy the 6T?
  16. smnrock

    smnrock Well-Known Member

    November 1st around 00.30 :)
    --- Post Merged, Dec 26, 2018 ---
    in your video i see that you have not removed that plastic sheet around the fingerprint sensor.. i hope you have removed that and did all your testing? Ofcourse they did keep on improving the fingerprint authentication. So i really dont know, whether wet finger worked in earlier software builds.
  17. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    No no that was unboxing time.
    Didn't have any footage after that
  18. rdst_1

    rdst_1 Well-Known Member

    I haven't bought any OnePlus phone after OPOne. Felt that they priced themselves out (for me) when they crossed 25-28k price range.
    However, I think, it is wrong to bash someone because they increased their prices. Anybody who knows a little bit about marketing will tell you that brand building is very important. You build your brand so that one day you can make big profits as your name alone will sell.
    I have moved on to MI and Huawei because they make more sense at the price point I am comfortable at. Even they will increase their prices when they strongly believe that people will pay more for their brand. MI has already increased prices by 1-1.5k for their mainstream products as people will still gladly pay for them.

    I currently own the Honor View 10 as it was the cheapest flagship offering with 128GB storage and I wasn't comfortable paying over 30k for a phone. Close alternative was second hand OP3T at cheaper rates but it wasn't cheaper by a lot. Even Huawei priced the View 10 cheaper by 6-8k in India than their prices in US and Europe. They themselves conceded that it was priced such to capture market share/brand building. OnePlus, who, had already done that in the previous 3-4 years were comfortable at pricing theirs at 37k and probably sold many more numbers than View 10.

    I remember buying Samsung S2 for 25k and Note 1 for 28k. Look at their prices now. So why blame OnePlus for following the strategies followed by other successful companies.

    Almost every company will price their product, after a lot of research, at what they feel the market will pay for their product. Some companies might overreach and be more ambitious but the markets themselves will do the course-correction for them.

    Biggest similar analogy I can give is of Toyota Innova. Toyota sold, nearly the same package for a decade and increased prices from what was under 10L at launch to 16-17L when they decided to launch the new Innova. Same is true for Toyota Fortuner. They could increase the prices because people were willing to pay for the name of Toyota and what that meant (supreme reliability). However, Toyota can't do the same when it comes to Etios while Maruti can when it comes to Swift.
    This is what brand/product building is all about.

    So, if a product doesn't work for you, one is free to go for alternatives that suit their needs better. There is no need to hate a company or a product just because you are not ready to pay as much for that product as others are willing to.
    I am not saying this just for this thread, so don't take it personally. This is for everyone out there who hates a company/product for their pricing.
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  19. ayaskant12

    ayaskant12 Well-Known Member

    If u see my video I said specifically I am still waiting for 2019 OnePlus phones.
    No hate no fanboy

    If they bring in a good device I am again back. As if my relatives these other companies!
    But Samsung and Others have done a lot of research on hardware. You can ignore that but their r&d is huge huge.
    Even the stupid nonsense touchwiz UI has a huge investment!!

    But that's a separate story.
    My OnePlus hatred now is in search of another company to fill in the place left void by OnePlus.
    So that's a never ending game of supporting the underdog.

    May be Poco F2 will be worth of they remove their ads and focus on same pricing strategy
  20. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan If you cant see the green dot, I'm offline :P

    Not all do properly. Using a PXL2 and 2 banking apps did not work. One got fixed after a week and the other still does not work.
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