Online storage Locker from AOL


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Dec 6, 2004
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America Online on Friday confirmed that it plans to offer its subscribers 100MB of memory for storing digital files such as music, photos and documents.

Called the service My Storage, AOL will give a 100MB digital locker to every subscriber and up to seven additional screen names that each account holder can create. Because the locker is accessible on the Web, subscribers will be able to retrieve files using any Web-enabled device. AOL will allow subscribers to place files in public storage and share with other users.

Now from what i hear on the internet circles the service may not be a fee based one as its being touted out to be. AOL is desperately looking to make up its losses and to get back the users it lost out in gmail/yahoo launches. This might just be the thing to lure the people back. Free online storage can be a sure shot winner. whats expected is that AOL will give the capability to share files to only the subscribed paid users while for the free service you won't be able to share files or it may be restricted.