Outlook live - launched


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Dec 6, 2004
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Microsoft have announced the availability of Microsoft Office Outlook Live.
MOOL has been in beta internally and externally for several months. Designed as the upgrade to the MSN Outlook Connector, MOOL offers significant upgrades and stability. Using MOOL allows you to sync mail/calendar entries/contacts/notes/tasks between MSN Hotmail and Microsoft Outlook.

MOOL will be offered as a subscription service only. With an Outlook Live subscription customers will receive the latest version of Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 for Subscription Services, plus 2 GB of online storage and the ability to send 20MB attachments. The current price of $44.95/year is an introductionary offer until April 19, 2005 when the service will be priced at $55.95 per year.

The Outlook Live subscription service will be launched in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada today but its expected MSN will expand the service later this year.