Pantaloons Retail Higher ups contact details


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Jan 13, 2012
Mumbai , Maharashtra
Hi all ,
for some strange reason am not able to access the pantaloons india website , someone said its the problem with our provider .
Now going to cyber cafe also did not help as even they use the same net provider .

So asking for help here . Does anybody here know any senior contact in Pantaloons ? . Or any contact detail that could help ? .

Having a terrible time with Pantaloons Vashi .
The magnets that they put for anti theft , the person on the counter did not remove them properly and all the clothes I bought now have holes in them .
I have bought from them since years now , never has such a thing happened .

Now they are a bit reluctant to accept its their mistake and giving me a hard time . So need to contact some senior contact in the company .

I tried to post on their Facebook wall but it does not allow to post on their wall , it immediately deletes it .
I put my grievance in the comments thinking still someone would read it but to no avail .

So friends please help out , I know seems silly thing for you but this weird net problem + the headache there , I dont know any other option except for escalating the matter .
After its hard earned money .