PC Boots, No Beep!

Nitendra Singh

Jan 12, 2018

I just realised a couple of days back there's no Beep sound while boot.
I can see all red white green led's boot sequence goes fine.
Clears Post boots normally everything works as expected it's just the normal 1 beep while boot is missing.
Don't know what happened.
What I've tried -

1. Changed in Bios - Fast boot enabled to disabled.
2. reset bios settings to default.
3. An update for bios was available so I updated to the latest.
4. Tried removing and swapping the rams in different slots
5. removed all sata drives and addon cards like Sound card and wifi card.
6. checked all the power connectors , all looks perfect no loose connections.
7. purchased and replaced the onboard tiny speaker.

lastly I removed everything, tried running minimal config Mobo + Cpu + Graphics card+ ram + nvme ssd.

don't know what to do now, though everything works fine.
I don't have any other MObo or PSU to check.
this is my config Ryzen 1600 + asus B350-f strix + hyperx 2400mhz 8GBx2 + 1050ti
Motherboard and CPU warranty expired 2 months back.
Psu is Corsair Rm650X in warranty.

please suggest something, so I can troubleshoot further.



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Mar 24, 2005
51nD m3!
Your cabinet or mobo speaker have gone bad.
But why even worry about the beeps? In todays world bios doesn't depend on beeps nor does it sound any but the mobo leds are used for any troubleshooting.
Sometime bios has the option to turn off the beep check that setting if its present.


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May 21, 2009
I tried it, even tried with a new speaker.
Sometimes new bios updates lose some features that are obsolete.
I will suggest you to go through the motherboard manufacturers site and look for bios versions along with the log of new changes.
If all else fails, flash the oldest version that supports your cpu and ram and see if you get the beep on boot.
PS - very simple but important while plugging in the speaker on the motherboard header check the orientation of the cable, there are times users have flipped it which has caused the speaker to not work.