Budget 41-50k PC for casual gaming and everyday use.


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Jan 3, 2008
yup @Emperor m still confused with mobo need a good mobo going with b450 mobo but msi seems to be good option but after sales is poor so mebe will go with x470 mobo either gigabyte or asus
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Jan 12, 2006
yup @Emperor m still confused with mobo need a good mobo going with b450 mobo but msi seems to be good option but after sales is poor so mebe will go with x470 mobo either gigabyte or asus
My experience about Motherboard is, GOOD Motherboard never requires service and if any Board Requires service than it's NOT GOOD.

Till today 2 time I got my hand burnt with Intel (low end motherboard just within month of purchase and it never able to work as it should even after repair from service center - Intel sent me DIFFERENT Refurbished board with lot of deep scratches/user marks with mismatch I/O Plate and also refuse to provide matching I/O Plate.).

but still in 2011 I went with Intel (on recommendation from TE Members) and bought 9k board and same still going strong ... not a single issue till today.

Than by 2014/2016 Gigabyte came as STRONG service support Brand, and 2 of my friends BOUGHT Gigabyte Boad (they both are intel die hard fan) and both are STILL unhappy with Gigabyte (mostly with DUAL BOOT SOFTWARE issue).

From above two friends, One of friend just this month (Jan 2019) bought NEW HIGH END machine and went with (AMD + MSI), as his old/trusted seller told him to provide good service for MSI in warranty period and as per my friend, his seller charge more than online/offline but ALWAYS SUGGEST him good hardware/brand only.

About ASUS, I bought ASUS board for my Nephew and since day one whenever he press shift key with any combination (while gaming - any game) his Benq monitor flash BLACK SCREEN for fraction of second and I also found his board is very delicate (compare to intel Original/Gigabyte), even a Sata Port plastic part came out from Board with little pressure.....

This is my story with above boards brand may be others not agree with me based on their experience....


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I have bad experiences with both Asus ( 2 mobos till date) & 1 Intel I owned while other one was rock solid.
The first Intel which was my first mobo was awesome, no issues and way way too fast in the AGP era against my peers.
Next mobo was gigabyte which went strong on intel P4 HT upgrade.
Next major upgrade was during the Intel Prescott transition, I grabbed the latest one but spent 2 months just replacing 3 mobos one after another through Redington India. I was so so pissed off Every replacement failed to power my system. After 4th mobo my brand new setup saw the display led go Green! This costed me numerous trips to lamington + emails calls to Redington. I felt I could have been good with some P4 HT on a tomato mobo. Sweared never to go Intel ever again.
This intel mobo I traded with an asus one after 2 yrs just for the sake of SLI & OC capabilities. Sadly even after very little or nil oc this asus began dying...first nic then ac97, usb, ram slots etc.

Then shifted to AMD setup with 3500+ on asus. Rock solid setup with plenty of rokm for tweaks and tricks. After 3yrs this mobo died too. But gaming was a blissful exp on this one. And in these yrs heard lot of bad about asus exp. from many and its worst ass from rashi. So thought of forgetting asus for good.

Again another amd upgrade to 730 core unlocking days with this time on Biostar and it was awesome too and dead after 5yrs.

Luckily received my current i7 setup on Asus again and this is shockingly going strong for 7yrs now.

Next plan wilk be an obvious ryzen on asus. Now asus here again as they are master of rbg (the trend setter of rgb led ambience on mobo with rog) with tons of flexibility, wide range of product compatibilities and expansions.


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Mar 24, 2007
I have decided to put together this build. I already own a console and I will be playing games like CS:GO, PUBG(on not very high setting). These are the components I am considering:

CPU - Ryzen 5 1600
GPU - Zotac 1050ti 4GB
RAM - 8GB*1 DIMM Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 2400 mhz Memory
PSU - Seasonic M12II-520 M12II Series 520W Modular Power Supply with 80+ Bronze Certification
HDD- WD 1TB Blue
SSD- WD 120GB Green for boot drive
CASE- Corsair Carbide Series 100R

I have not decided the MOBO yet. I am confused b/w Asus Prime B350M-K vs MSI B350M PRO-VDH. And also how well the components are? Will the CPU be an overkill w.r.t GPU?
Budget -49K

Processor -AMD Ryzen 5 2400G -13k
Motherboard -Asus Prime B450M-K -7k
RAM -Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000Mhz 8GB -6k
HDD -WD Caviar Blue 1TB -3k
SSD -Kingston A400 240GB-3k
Power Supply -Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro 450w -5k
Cabinet -Antec P100 -3k
Monitor -BenQ GW2280 22 inch LED IPS -8k
KB & Mouse -Logitech MK200 -1k

Total -49K