Budget 71-90K Performance Desktop Under 80K


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Jun 25, 2020
I want to build a performance desktop. I won't be gaming on it at the moment. I usually don't buy new computer before 6-7 years. My last 2 desktop both lasted 8 years each without upgrading CPU & Mobo (Only RAM + Storage I added)

I have some parts from old build -
1) Case : NZXT GUARDIAN 921 Guardian 921 Mid tower Steel Chassis ATX
2) PSU : Corsiar VX-550W

My budget is around 70K. The software that I use mostly eat up decent amount of CPU resources and read/write lot on the drives. I don't need any separate GPU at the moment, but onboard GPU whether it is on CPU or on Mobo should be decent enough to handle day to day tasks like playing two 4K videos simultenously, etc.

I usually buy a solid motherboard & CPU then upgrade components like extra RAM, GPU, NVME SSD, etc over the years.

I need the following things :

1. CPU
a) Probably Intel : Reason being is that I don't want to invest in GPU as of now and all AMD APU's are not very powerful as CPU's. I was looking for a AMD APU but all of them are average on the CPU raw power. If I want to get top end CPU from AMD it will not have graphics on it.
b) Won't be overclocking
e) Why can I not find locked CPU (without K) like Intel Core i9-9900 or Intel Core i7-9700 online in Indian market. Why pay extra $50 to get K series processor if I will never OC it. Also with most K series processor you need to buy Cooling solution separetely (Probably will have to goto Nehru Place, Delhi to find it)

2. Motherboard :
a) Which has as at least 2 X PCIEx16 slots, incase I plan to to add 2 GPUs or intel optane or maybe some pcie 4.0 NVME drives in future.
b) Minimum 3 X M2.PCIE slots so I can add more NVME SSD later or intel optane.
c) Type C USB 3.1 Gen2 port in REAR.
d) Built in Wifi that can atleast support 1 Gbps internet connection. And do not share bandwidth with USB ports like on some Gigabyte Mobos.
e) At least 2 display out (HDMI or Display Port doesn't matter)
f) Is there any motherboard that has onboard graphics like back in the old days or they just stopped doing it completely.

a) 512 GB minimum
b) Should have very good read/write speeds

4. RAM :
a) Fastest RAM I can get with lowest timings. I think DDR4-2666 is max.
b) 16GB : I am not sure if it's better to get 8 X 2 sticks or just one. Problem is most ATX Mobo will have 4 slots and if I fill 2 of them up now than ONLY 2 are left empty (But I do understand the benefits of using RAM in dual channel)
c) If I buy 2 X 8GB stick now. Can I later add 2 X 16GB or do they have to be 2 X 8GB sticks?


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Mar 24, 2007
Budget -69.7k (AMD Editing Rig) GT1030

Processor -AMD Ryzen 5 3600 -16.8k
Motherboard -MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC -13.5k
RAM -Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB(8GBx2) 3600Mhz -8.5k (mdcomputers.in)
SSD -Intel 660P 512GB NVME SSD -7.2k
Power Supply -Corsair CX650 650W -5.5k
GPU -Asus GT1030 OC Edition 2GB DDR5 -6.5k
Monitor -BenQ GW2283 22inch LED IPS -7.7k
Cabinet -Antec GX202 Blue -3k
KB & Mouse -Logitech MK200 -1k

Total -69.7K

All above prices are taken from primeabgb.com unless specified otherwise.
PS: Sell off all the old components including your PSU & Case also. Dont take risk over old components while using new ones.