Budget Above 25K Phone below 40k with SD855


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Oct 5, 2019

1. Budget is below 40k
2. Display prefarably AMOLED & size similar to OnePlus 7
3. Android Oreo+
4. Dual 4G VOLTE with Carrier Aggregation
5. None brand choice but should be reliable to last for more than 2 years.
6. Mainly for browsing, reddit, maps & daily 2hours PUBG. Camera is not important.
7. Dual SIM
8. New (Online or Offline)
9. .............
10. Redmi k20 Pro or One Plus 7 or Asus ROG II

9. My current phone "Moto Z Play" has today only started showing purple spots on the screen so I might have to buy a new phone by this month.
This time I want to buy a flagship phone with SD855, which would be within my budget.
It should be able to run PUBG under smooth settings at 30fps or 60fps.
I am an average PUBG player with 1.5KD and max "Crown I" for past few seasons. So I don't know if constant 60fps is a game changer or an overkill for me. I play for around straight 2.5hrs a day.

Battery life should be 6hrs+ SOT with Dual SIM always on (no WIFI) and full brightness for maybe 50% of the time. SOT of 6hrs+ without PUBG and without navigation.

I was planning to wait for a couple of months to check out the reviews of Asus ROG II by its owners. But with my current phone showing failure signs, I don't want to blindly buy the Asus ROG II.

I would have preferred the OnePlus 7 but I have read that some batches have touch screen problems so it would hamper PUBG gameplay. Also there is no 3.5mm jack and has a notch.

Another option is Redmi K20 Pro but it lacks carrier aggregation. I don't know if practically the carrier aggregation makes any difference, particularly with ping, but a device with latest technology can be future proof.

Asus 6z is not a option because of low volume from the earpiece during calls.

If SD855 is an overkill for me than kindly suggest another chipset.

If you are commenting on the performance of any phone, for eg battery life or PUBG performance, then requesting you to kindly specify if you are commenting through your own experience or by reading reviews online or reviews through friends.


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Jun 28, 2016
Thats not that good a K/D. I consider myself as average and always had K/D over 3.5. More than 60 fps its the screen size that also helps. I felt using it on 5.2 inch screen hampered my performance. 60 fps will help for sure though. Only reached crown once when i started playing defensively. Hot dropping improves your skills more.