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New PS4 pro vs preowned

  1. New is better

  2. Preowned is better

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  1. Pribhat Singh Sharma


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    Looking to get me a PS4 pro. Preferrably jailbroken or atleast on FW 5.05. Budget would be around 23-25k. Open to offers and negotiations as well!

    In case you are selling or know anyone who does, do reach out via PM.

  2. Krato$

    Krato$ New Member

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    28k....than lmk..?
  3. Shubham1401

    Shubham1401 Well-Known Member

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    My cousin has a release date PS4 Pro from US and it heats up like crazy even when playing on full HD TV. In comparison, my PS4 does not heat up at all.

    I would suggest you to get a new one as maybe this problem has been fixed with newer iterations.

    In any case, I would suggest you do a bit of research on this before buying a used one. All the best with your purchase.
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