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Mar 19, 2008
Navi Mumbai
Nvidia Launches GTX 680

Nvidia has finally launched its next generation flagship GTX 680 graphics card , based on 28nm design and packing 1536 CUDA cores. Final clocks for the card are 1006MHz for the cores and 2GB of 256-bit GDDR5 is clocked at 1502MHz . The GPU is priced beginning from $499 , $50 cheaper than HD 7970 .

The card is in line with the performance claims and it beats the HD 7970 in most games , according to reviews . The performance per watt is greatly improved as well , TDP is 195 watts . It also has new features like GPU Boost which increases clocks dynamically , and enhanced 3D Vision with capability to run upto 4 monitors in 3D gaming . Check out benchmarks from various reviews below :-



hard ocp

Toms Hardware

X-Bit Labs



New iPad Reaches 116° While Running Games

The iPad 2 is found to be running hot , it was tested by Consumer Reports and found to reach 116° F . It was tested by running Infinity Blade II uninterrupted for 45 minutes and while power plugged in it reached 116 degrees Fahrenheit and when not plugged in , it hit 113° F . Compared to the iPad 2 , difference was 12 degrees hotter when plugged in and 13 degrees when unplugged . Would you want to buy something that hot to handle ?



Seagate Breakthrough Makes 60TB Hard Drives Possible

Seagate has broken the record for storage per density managing to store 1 terbit per square inch , nearly double of the previous record . This has been made possible using HAMR or Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording technology .

Extremetech reports - " HAMR, which was originally demonstrated by Fujitsu in 2006, adds a laser to the hard drive head. The head seeks as normal, but whenever it wants to write data the laser turns on (pictured below). Reading data is done in the conventional way. Just so you understand how small the magnetic bits are in a HAMR drive, one terabit per square inch equates to two million bits per linear inch; in other words, each site is just 12.7 nanometers long — or about a dozen atoms."

With this new technology , upto 6TB desktop drives and upto 2TB laptop drives will be possible compared to current 3TB and 1TB respectively , but seagate eventually sees upto 60TB desktop and 20TB laptop drives in the horizon .


iPhone 5 To Have 4.6 inch Retina Display

The next version of iPhone will sport a big 4.6 inch retina display and it will be launching in Q2 ,says Reuters who heard from some South Korean media . Previously there has been many rumors about Apple planning to use bigger screen in next iPhone version , but its first time that we are hearing it to be that big ( 4.6" ) .



Samsung I9300 Image Surfaces

An image which is allegedly of Samsung I9300 has leaked. According to Samsung model number trend , I9300 should be Galaxy S III , however its not confirmed if its indeed the Galaxy S III . The phone in the picture does not look like the one depicted in previously leaked images , so it might not be Galaxy S III .


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