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Aug 11, 2011
Official Facebook Messenger

It was earlier leaked by a tester but it is now officially available for download at facebook. The coolest feature is that you can dock that to your desktop like yahoo widgets.

Download it here : https://www.facebook...about/messenger

US demands extradition

US Authorities have put in an official request to extradite Kim Dotcom and the three other suspects in Mega Upload case. In New Zealand crimes must carry a four year prison sentence to be deemed extraditable. Under the country’s Copyright Act, distributing an infringing work carries a five year maximum sentence. the first extradition hearing has been scheduled for August 20.

Source : http://torrentfreak....uspects-120305/

hacking group LulzSec arrested 'after LEADER turns them in'

Top members of infamous computer hacking group Lulzsec have been arrested after their leader reportedly turned them in. five people will face charges in New York, the suspects include two men from Great Britain, two from Ireland and an American named Jeremy Hammond from Chicago.

Source: http://www.chicagotr...0,4141399.story

PHP 5.4 & Zend 2.0 Released

the PHP syntax has been streamlined for easier usability. A new method, called Traits, will enable developers to reuse code. The array syntax has been simplified. Improvements have been added to allow PHP work better with the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data exchange format. PHP 5.4 includes native support for Asian languages, eliminating the need for programmers to compile a special version of PHP to present content in those languages.

Further Reading: http://www.sacbee.co...d-delivers.html

Video Captcha

For years we have seen the image captha for controlling spam but these can get quite tricky at time but this is a new style to the old captha but clearer and easier for humans but lot tougher for bots.

Source: http://www.nucaptcha.com/

Github Hacked

developer Egor Homakov exploited a gaping vulnerability in GitHub that allowed him (or anyone else with basic hacker know-how) to gain administrator access to projects such as Ruby on Rails, Linux, and millions of others. From here, he could effectively do anything, including deleting the entire project from the web; instead, he posted a fairly comical commit.

Commit: https://github.com/r...72b1aa393e6dc57

Source: http://www.extremete...fied-or-deleted

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