[PN] Open Street Maps gaining Momentum


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Aug 11, 2011
Anonymous strike UK

Anonymous took down several UK government sites over the surveillance proposals and degradation of civil rights.


Newest Bill CISPA

This one has even more broad terms mentioned which can stop any communication that is suspected to disrupt government or private parties operation .


Open Street Maps gaining Momentum

Open street maps is the Wikipedia for maps .It is an open source alternative for google maps . In march apple started moving away form google maps and now Wikipedia is also moving away from google maps and using open street maps. Even though it took many years to accumulate large amounts of data google maps , open street maps is expanding quite rapidly and may beat google maps in the near future.


Medicad Hacked

The Utah Department of Health has been hacked. 181,604 Medicaid/CHIP recipients have had their personal information stolen. 25,096 have had their Social Security numbers (SSNs) compromised.


Indian Modern art Online

Recently, the NGMA and the National Museum in Delhi joined the ranks of top galleries around the world such as the Tate Gallery in London and the Metropolitan Museum, as part of the Google Art project . The project, which uses high-resolution imagery to give internet users a virtual tour of galleries around the world, was launched in February with 17 museums and galleries.


IIT-D no internet after midnight

IIT-Delhi has recently taken a decision to prohibit its students from using the internet in the hostel premises between 1am and 6am. The institute, during these five hours, disconnects the internet facility available to students in their hostel rooms.


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