[PN] Private Tracker taken down


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Aug 11, 2011
There is nothing much going on the internet because of MWC but there has been a major progress in stopping piracy in Sweden

Private Tracker taken down

Swepiracy.nu is a private tracker which has over 30,000 members has been taken down by the Anti-piracy group Antipiratbyran . Although the site’s servers are located in Netherlands with some help form Netherlands police they took the site down and arrested key-staff of the site. The anti-piracy group also warned the other 150 sites which have pirated content to shutdown . Bibliotik.org closed down the site of their own free will.Tankafetast shut down after its operators decided that enough was enough.

Source: http://torrentfreak....ut-down-120225/

Google + block lifted In china

After a release of a long term block in china to the popular SNS Google+ . Chinese internet users have started flooding president Obama’s page with comments. They are calling it “Occupy Obamaâ€. The content of the comments is varying from pure fun to political concerns.

Source: http://www.ctv.ca/CT...-lifted-120226/

Utorrent to Android

The utorrent development team is currently working on a native android client that has almost all functions of windows version. There has been no information on the date of release.They are also working on a native linux client too.

Source: http://torrentfreak....the-way-120225/

Paypal ban File sharing site

After megaupload, one of the largest file sharing site was taken down by the FBI . Many small companies traffic has increased drastically. RapidGator is one such company. Paypal has recently stopped transactions to them because they thought there are high risks in processing payments to the file sharing company. This is because many people asked for refunds when many of the file sharing site have stopped functioning normally.

Source: http://torrentfreak....pal-ban-120226/

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Mar 16, 2006
It is sad that we will be loosing the concept of file sharing sites simply because they were misused to sell pirated content.


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Feb 23, 2010
#raj_pol you do realise that Pirated content is not sold, it is shared.
to some extent (and in some cases) it is actually indirect sale; big files can not be uploaded from free account; can not be downloaded (max size limit). Now I do not see some one buying a premium account otherwise,