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Mar 19, 2008
Navi Mumbai
Spray that turns trees into Wireless Antenna

Chamtech has a spray that can be used to turn almost any surface into antenna which can be used to improve wireless signal . According to the company , the spray can be used on almost any surface and once its sprayed the antenna can increase the transmission range by 100 times and can even be used underwater to send radio signals . The company showed a presentation of their spray can using nano-tech in "Solve for X" fest. When this spray was tested by Chamtech on a RFID tag , it boosted its range from 1-2 meter to over 200m , it was tested underwater also and proved to push range of 50MHZ radio to 1mile from 30m which can be of great use for submarine communications .

source : theregister

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Motorola's First Intel-Powered ICS Smartphone's Images Revealed

Images of Motorola's Intel powered device has appeared on the internet if you believe the rumor . The device looks similar to Droid Razr, apparently runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and doesn't have any buttons . According to pocketnow , the device is expected to be unveiled at MWC and rumored to sport instant-on and 15fps burst capable camera .

source : pocketnow


Samsung launches Galaxy Ace Duos , Y Duos and Y Duos in India

Samsung after launching many budget touchscreen dual sim phones in India has launched three new Android based dual sim smartphones : Galaxy Ace Duos , Galaxy Y Pro Duos and Galaxy Y Duos .

The Galaxy Ace Duos is dual sim active phone with one CDMA and one GSM SIM support . It has 3.5" display and 832MHz processor running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and also has upgraded battery of 1650mAH capacity . Its priced at Rs 16900 .

The Galaxy Y Pro Duos is a dual-SIM qwerty device running Android 2.3 with 2.6" capacitive touchscreen , 3.15MP rear camera , VGA front camera , optical track pad and 1350mAh battery . The smartphone will be priced at Rs 11090 .

Galaxy Y Duos the cheapest dual sim android phone from samsung featuring 3.14" QVGA touchscreen display , 832MHz Processor , 3.15MP Camera and 1300mAh battery . The phone is priced at Rs.10490 .

source : timesofindia


Apple could launch a smaller 8 inch iPad

According to a report in Wall Street Journal , Apple is working with Asian suppliers to test a new iPad with 8inch screen . The company is qualifying suppliers for the screen to be used in the new iPad . The source also cites that the smaller screen will be of same resolution as current iPad 2 . This is quite possible, after the massive sales of iPads in the last quarter by Apple , it might be looking to further increase its market share in the tablet market by launching a smaller tablet .

source: wsj


Google's Motorola Buyout Deal Approved

Google's buyout of Motorola Mobility has been approved by EU and US regulatory agencies . Google had offered $12.5 billion to acquire Motorola Mobility , the deal will mainly help Google strengthen their patent portfolio . The EU also said that it will keep an eye on companies' use of patents to threaten the competition .

source: zdnet

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Jan 23, 2006
So Nokia N8's design been declared a hit within moto inc ?

3 touch buttons (and their styling) dont look too jazzy tbh.

A good cam and a better screen is what i crave for within my moto atrix and both these been taken care of in this model it seems. Should sell nicely.