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Mar 19, 2008
Navi Mumbai
Android Owners More likely to have Sex On First Date

If u a are looking for a date and plan to put out then look for an Android user , as a recent survey has revealed that Android users are more likely to be seduced on first date compared to iPhone or BlackBerry users . A survey conducted by site Match.com among Canadian mobile users has revealed some interesting facts . According to the results , 62% Android users did it after first date , compared to 57% iPhone users and only 48% BB users . Also Android fans are most likely to have one-night stand ( 55% ) . When it comes to love at first sight , BB users are ahead ( 67 % ) . And iPhone owners are more likely to have office romance .

source : venturebeat

Free PlayBooks For Android App Developers

RIM is giving free BlackBerry PlayBooks to developers who create android apps and submit one to the BlackBerry App World before February 13 , this was announced by RIM's VP of developer relations Alec Saunders on twitter . This will ensure that there are good amount of apps available once BlackBerry releases new version of PlayBook OS . BlackBerry will also release a BB runtime for Android along with the next version of PlayBook OS which will let developers port their Android apps to PlayBook OS and an Eclipse plugin to test and debug the software for PlayBook compatibility . Though the T&C about the PB giveaway has not been announced yet , but still it seems a good offer for developers who have developed apps or feel like trying one to submit and get a free tablet .

source : gizmodo

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Micron CEO Steve Appleton Dies In Plane Crash

Steve Appleton , CEO of Micron Technology has died in a plane crash in Boise , United States .This is a major loss for Micron Technology which is a major memory chipmaker in US . The 51- year old CEO died when the plane he was piloting crashed at Boise , Idaho's airport , the same city where the company's headquarters are located . The plane made by Lancair was taking off and 100 to 200 feet above the runway when it crashed . Mr Appleton was a stunt-plane flier and had survived a previous crash also .

source : timesofindia

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Google Employs 'Bouncer' To Defend Android Market From Malware

After facing many malware threats by apps on Android market , Google has employed a new service called 'Bouncer' which will automatically scan for malware in apps submitted to Android marketplace and scan for potential malware risks and suspicious code before they enter the market . It also examines developers accounts and prohibits those who have record of submitting offending software . According to Google , this service was deployed since long time and caused a 40% decrease in malware containing apps in Market in second half of 2011 compared to first half . Perhaps Google has disclosed about bouncer after seeing the raised concerns about Android security recently .

Source : Google Mobile Blog

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Windows Phone 8 Apollo Features Detailed , Will Have Multi-core Support

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.6 Tango update is coming soon , which will reportedly bring new features . Now we have some details about the next Windows Phone version , Apollo or WP 8 which will follow tango .Details about Apollo were revealed from a presentation help by Microsoft's Senior VP and WP Manager, Joe Belfiore for Nokia to showcase Apollo's features . The interesting additions to Windows Phone would include multicore processor support , removable storage support , NFC support , Windows 8 integration , Skype integration etc . Whole list of features include :-

· Multicore processor support

· New screen resolutions – up to four, pixel counts not mentioned

· Removable microSD storage support

· NFC support with carrier-branded and carrier-controlled “wallet experience†via secure element on SIM card or using phone’s hardware

· NFC features: tap-to-share across platforms

· Windows 8 integration – developers will be able to “reuse – by far – most of their code†when repurposing apps from desktop to mobile version

· Zune desktop client integration replaced by a dedicated companion application for syncing purposes

· Xbox Companion App available on Windows 8

· Skydrove support – seamless sharing of data between devices without PC sync

· Access to 100,000 apps in the Marketplace (by Q4 2012)

· Native code support for apps would offer more powerful apps and easier app porting from iOS and Android

· App-to-app communication

· Skype integration

· Basic camera lens app that can be further customized by OEMs

· DataSmart feature/app – tracks mobile data usage and smart Wi-Fi connectivity with WP8 trying to connect to carrier-owned WLANs when possible

· Proxy server support for increased page loading in Internet Explorer 10

· Native 128-bit BitLocker full-disk encryption for enterprise users


source : http://nexus404.com/...gration-others/

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AMD Preparing New Processors For Windows 8 Tablets Launch in 2012

AMD is preparing to enter the tablet processor market with the launch of Windows 8 tablets in 2012 . AMD recently revealed their plans for tablet market for 2012 , stating they will provide processor and graphics chips for tablets . Hondo is the first chip intended for tablets which will be released later this year and have CPU+GPU in an energy efficient package . They also confirmed that AMD processor powered tablets will be released this year .

source :venturebeat

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Corning And Samsung Team-up To Develop Lotus Glass OLED Displays

Corning and Samsung known for Gorilla Glass displays have announced a new partnership in which they will develop OLED products from samsung with Lotus Glass technology from Corning . Lotus Glass is said to be somewhat similar to Gorilla Glass but delivers improved dimensional stability . It also has better thermal stability at high temperatures and consume less power while giving better picture quality . The Lotus glass also allows more light to pass thus giving brighter picture with lesser power consumption . Samsung is planning to use this technology in handheld devices as well as TVs and other products .

source : techspot

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