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Mar 19, 2008
Navi Mumbai
Microsoft Removes Start Button From Windows 8 Built

Recently new screenshots of Windows 8 'Consumer Preview' built appeared on the web , these screenshots had the Start Button found on the left of 'Super bar' missing . This 'Consumer Preview' built 8220 will be released later this month before the beta . According to TheVerge , the start button is probably replaced by a hot corner which will be activated by hovering to lower-left corner of the screen , which will allow to navigate through the Start Screen . Though , there is still a possibility of the start button still being included if there is enough demand , But currently we should consider it as removed .


Hackers Demanded Symantec $50,000 To Keep Leaked Source Code Private

After being threatened by hacker group who has Symantec's pcAnywhere and Norton Anti virus source code , Symantec has offered the hacker group $50,000 to keep the source code private and after they give proof to convince Symantec that the source code has been destroyed . This has been revealed from an e-mail between Symantec employee and hacker group member which was posted to Pastebin .

Symantec employee thomas said the e-mail posted . "We will pay you $50,000.00 USD total .However, we need assurances that you are not going to release the code after payment. We will pay you $2,500 a month for the first three months. Payments start next week. After the first three months you have to convince us you have destroyed the code before we pay the balance. We are trusting you to keep your end of the bargain." . This has been confirmed from Symantec representative by CNET .

source : http://news.cnet.com...e-code-private/


Google and Facebook Remove Offensive Content From India Sites

Google and Facebook have removed the allegedly offensive content from their indian sites after court orders . These sites were warned by the court to remove the offensive content which had obscene images of Indian religious figures otherwise face a ban in India like China . Total of 21 companies are ordered to develop a mechanism to block such content from their sites which is considered religiously offensive to Indian religions .

source : http://www.zdnetasia...es-62303745.htm


US Military an Government officials To Get Secure Android Phones

Some US officials are expected to get Android smartphones which will be secure and capable of handling classified documents over cellular networks . Currently soldiers and officials are not allowed to use smartphones to send classified messages due to security concerns . Thus secured android devices which will run modified android kernel are being developed . These phones will be delopyed to US soldiers , later followed by federal agencies and eventually other government workers .

source : http://edition.cnn.c...ones/index.html


White Lumia 800 Launched by Nokia

Nokia has launched a white version of Lumia 800 which was highly praised for its design and looks . The white Lumia 800 retains the same design and specs as its other 3 colored variants , cyan, magenta and black .The design will feature ClearBlack touchscreen over snow-white polycarbonate unibody case which proves to be highly appealing yet simple . The device will start shipping first in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Finland, Poland and Switzerland followed by other countries .

source : slashgear http://www.slashgear...ds-on-06212165/


SMS Will Now Be Treated As Valid Reservation Slips

With E-ticketing becoming more and more popular , IRCTC has announced that SMSs sent by IRCTC would now be treated at par with electronic reservation slip (ERS) . It is decided that the screenshot of e-ticket displayed through laptops or mobiles and SMSs of tickets booked through mobile phones , along with valid ID proof will be treated as valid ERS . The SMS sent by IRCTC will contain all essential details like PNR , Names and number of travellers , coach ,birth , class and train numbers which is to be displayed with valid ID proof .

source : http://articles.time...rvation-message


Nikon D800 DSLR with 36MP Sensor Revealed

Nikon has revealed D800 DSLR camera which is successor to the D700 and includes major upgrades over D700 including a 36.3MP CMOS sensor capable of 7360x4912 resolution pictures . Designed for professionals looking for highest resolution , the camera is set to cost MSRP of $3,999 . The specifications include 3.2 inch display which can swivel on 2 axis , ISO sensitivity of 100 6400 , Full HD video at 1080p and 30 fps , USB 3.0 , CF and SD dual memory card slots .

source : http://www.slashgear...n-tow-06212283/


Raspberry Pi 35$ Linux Box To Be Available By The End Of Feb

Raspberry Pi's 35$ low cost linux computer is expected to be available by the end of February . Raspberry announced that manufacturing of the first batch is set to complete on Feb 20 . The mini 35$ computer has a Broadcom 700Mhz ARM11 CPU and 256MB of RAM and SD card slot . A second model which will have 128MB of RAM and without Ethernet controller will be available later .

source : http://www.raspberrypi.org/


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