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Mar 19, 2008
Navi Mumbai
BlackBerry Releases OS 2.0 for PlayBook

Blackberry PlayBook tablet was criticized for lack of features including absence of native contacts , calendar and e-mail apps .Blackberry has finally released OS 2.0 for its PlayBook tablets addressing these issues which adds email client with unified inbox , built in calendar and contact apps with social networks integration . However , the device still lacks BlackBerry Messenger which is found on its BB smartphones . The OS 2.0 is now available to download .

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source :RIM


Intel's Latest Atom Processor Has Built in Wi-Fi

Intel is launching a new version of Dual core Atom processors codenamed Rosepoint which could be used in mobile phones and netbooks in coming few years . The major advantage offered by these processors is built in digital Wi-Fi radio and lower power consumption and cost . Current Wi-Fi chips are analog, digital Wi-Fi radios are expected to be cheaper and more power efficient . Currently developed Atom processor just supports 2.4GHz and Wi-Fi , improved versions which will possibly include cellular radios are in development .

source: gizmodo


Samsung Announces Galaxy Ace 2 and Galaxy Mini 2

Samsung has launched upgraded versions of its highly popular Galaxy Ace & Mini called Ace 2 and Mini 2 . The Galaxy Ace 2 has a bigger 3.8" WVGA display and its powered by 800MHz Dual-core which will be running Android Gingerbread initially . It has 5MP snapper and VGA videocall camera , 768MB RAM , 4GB internal storage and micro-sd slot as well . its powered by a 1500MAh battery .

Galaxy Mini 2 has a 3.27" HVGA display , 800Mhz processor , 512MB of RAM , 4GB storage + Micro-SD , and 3MP shooter . It will be powered by a 1300MAh battery .

source: tweaktown


Nvidia Kepler GTX 670Ti Could Arrive In March

Taiwanese AIB partners have revealed to Sweclockers that Nvidia's GTX 670Ti based on 28nm Kepler GK104 chip will be launched in March . The GTX 670Ti will be sucessor to GF114 based GTX 560Ti, but performance wise its expected to outperform GTX 580 and 7950 . The leaked specifications of GK104 show that its would feature 1536 cores , 128 TMU , 32 ROPs and 2GB of 256Bit GDDR5 . The retail price of GTX 670Ti is expected to be $299 .

source : wccftech


AMD Adds Three More CPUs to Bulldozer line-up in 2012

AMD has added 3 more CPUs to its roadmap for Bulldozer in 2012 , according to a leaked roadmap slide . The Three processors include quad-core FX-4150 clocked at 3.9GHz and turbo frequency of 4.1GHz and 12MB cache . Next is FX-6150 , which is a six core cpu boasting base speed of 3.5GHZ and turbo of 4.1GHz with 14MB cache . Third one is FX-8140 having 3.2Ghz freq and Turbo of 4.1GHz with 16MB cache . The leaked slide shows the CPUs are planned for Q1 2012 , so they can be expected to arrive by April .

Source: hexus


Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5 3570K IGP Tested

Intel's Ivy Bridge i5 3570K was tested and results were posted on EXPreview forums which show some impressive scores compared to Core i5 2500K . The HD 4000 IGP proved to be much faster than i5 2500k scoring 3967P in 3DMark Vantage and on average 67% faster than HD 3000. The HD4000 IGP also supports DX11 .

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