[PN] Twitter Turns Six


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Aug 11, 2011
Ustream Lauched in Korea

Usteam is one of the leading Live video streaming service which already has Japanese only version .They took funding from KT Corporation and Softbank Capital which made their total outside investment to $60 million.


Google Amazon Rainforest Street View

Google have team up with a Non-Profit organization to map a small portion of Rio Negro river . It took them quite lot of time to complete it but they have finally completed it. It took 50,000 pictures to recreate 50km of shore ,forest and village for street viewing. They have also started a webGL preview for the street view which is another technology developed by Google.


Twitter turns six

On 21[sup]st[/sup] of this month six years ago Twitter is launched and we can see how far it has come . Apart from success as a website it is now connecting 140 million active users and an average of 340 million tweets per day. The small blue bird has come a long way.


Mozilla To Support H.264

Mozilla chairman Mitchell Baker and CTO Brendan Eich have now both written blog posts explaining why they feel H.264 support is no longer optional. Eich wrote, "We will not require anyone to pay for Firefox. We will not burden our downstream source redistributors with royalty fees. We may have to continue to fall back on Flash on some desktop OSes. I’ll write more when I know more about desktop H.264, specifically on Windows XP. What I do know for certain is this: H.264 is absolutely required right now to compete on mobile. I do not believe that we can reject H.264 content in Firefox on Android or in B2G and survive the shift to mobile. Losing a battle is a bitter experience. I won’t sugar-coat this pill. But we must swallow it if we are to succeed in our mobile initiatives. Failure on mobile is too likely to consign Mozilla to decline and irrelevance.

MPAA Bogus Piracy Statistics

In this TED talk by Rob Reid he talks about the copyright industries claims with a dose of humor.


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