FS: Storage Hardware Price Drop: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD

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Dec 17, 2007
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Have both my Samsung 850EVO SSD's for sale since I figured out my needs are better served by a single 500GB SSD instead of 2 250GB ones currently.

These drives don't need any introduction and are one of the most popular and sought after drives with Samsung's well known V-NAND technology.

Both drives were purchased in UAE when I was based there and I really can't be arsed about warranty (I'm sure they should be covered under some criteria)

I have the bill for one of them if it helps anyone.. Will provide 2 days of personal testing warranty if needed.

Condition is as good as new with barely any use since I was abroad, these drives barely ever saw any use at all. HDTune screens attached. They're both currently in my system so haven't put up pics of the drives themselves. I have the boxes for both though.

Location : Mumbai

Expected Price : Final Price drop : 5300/-

Shipping : Open to shipping @ actuals - buyers preference.

Payment : Cash/NEFT/IMPS/UPI

Accessories : None. Just drives in the original retail boxes

SSD 1 : SNS2R5Nxxxxxx705 - SOLD

SSD2 : SNS2R5Nxxxxxx679 - AVAILABLE

------------- Updated Status --- 17AUG 0850Hrs :

SSD1 SN xx 705: SOLD
SSD2 SN xx 679: Available

Status updated for Disk 2.
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